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Made with love from farm to table to page

by Alieska Robles 




The Forest City Cookbook is a journey through the local flavours of London, Ontario. It is a tribute to memorable culinary experiences, inspiring chefs, dedicated producers and passionate artisans.

The book received international recognition from the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, winning under the categories of Best Self-published Cookbook in English in Canada and Best Digital Book in English in Canada 2019.

The Forest City Cookbook was a passion project that helped us spread the word on our thriving city and discover the treasures we keep in our kitchens.

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Proud to be a Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winning Cookbook. Best in the World winner under the category Best Digital Book and Canadian winner under the categories of Best Self-published Cookbook in Canada and Best Digital Book in English in Canada 2019.

Gold medalist of the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards on the category of General Cookbooks. An award dedicated exclusively to titles published by independent authors and publishers.




city united


months in development


limited edition copies printed


individual supporters


sponsors and partners


adventurous creators


inspiring chefs and cooks


dedicated local farmers and producers


talented artisans


local craft breweries


original recipes


courses + cocktails: small plates - mains - desserts


dietary choices: traditional -  vegetarian  - vegan


difficulty levels: easy - intermediate - advanced


essay on London’s culinary evolution


compelling culinary glossary and seasons’ chart


conversion charts


ways of navigating the book through different indexes


full-colour pages


vintage props used


professional images


days of studio photoshoots


days of location photoshoots


MANY stories shared and people gathered around the table!

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Come into the forest and get back to the roots,

when eating was a special time to share LOVE.

Enjoy fresh ingredients that come straight from the soil to your HOME.

Have fun in the kitchen. Be curious and discover new flavours.

Realize that the most meaningful moments in life often happen around food.

Talk more - Text less. Share old stories while creating new ones. 

Celebrate the culinary heroes that change lives one bite at a time.

Become one of them too! 

Be inspired and inspire others to connect.  

Feed your body, but most importantly feed your SOUL. 

Be present and be one with the city... with the Forest City. 

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The Author

Alieska Robles is the author, creative director, designer, photographer and driving force behind the project. For over a decade working in different creative fields, she has helped brands and individuals share their stories through the strong narrative power of her photography and artistic skills. Her work reflects her passion for culinary experiences, treasured antiques, local ingredients and people who eat together.

What started as a childhood dream, became a two-year, community-oriented passion project. From creative concept to award-winning publication, the project proved to be an eye-opening experience that represented Alieska's love for food photography, obsession with cookbooks and great admiration for culinary artisans. The cookbook is a work of art that celebrates our local culinary community, captures a moment in time and makes London proud.

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The cooks

The cookbook features the faces behind our favourite local restaurants, events, classrooms and small businesses, uncovering the treasures London keeps in its kitchens.

The 60 chefs, sous chefs, cooks, restauranteurs and producers developed a total of 138 original recipes using local ingredients, allowing us to capture their passion through food and sharing their secrets to help us to provide memorable dining experiences to nourish body and soul at the comfort of our homes.

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The farmers and artisans

The cookbook shares the stories of 35 dedicated farmers who make the difference in our local food system. The hands that feed your family and support your community with the best quality ingredients, always taking care of the soil and environment to preserve the health of our bountiful land for the generations to come.

The book also includes the stories of five talented artisans, one chocolate-maker, two coffee roasters and one brewmaster that shape their emotions into something tangible, bringing together their heart and soul into transforming raw materials to create something special with their hands.

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The Production Team

The team was small but mighty, and with all the ups and downs, they succeeded! This book is only a little grain of sand, which will hopefully inspire more creative minds to start their passion projects. It only takes one to start a revolution.

The book was directed, produced, designed, written, styled, photographed and published by Alieska Robles with the support from Brian Blatnicki as the communications coordinator, Amanda DeVries as a prop stylist, Chad Stewart as farmers connection, Carl Matthes as tech support and Bryan Lavery as editor. Each of the team members had key roles that made the project succeed and go above and beyond, strengthening the bonds in the local food community.

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Some of the Forest City Cookbook best moments captured for the future. It feels nice to be able to look back and bring back memories of fun times!

Find more in our Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date with future projects.

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The partners

This book was successfully crowdfunded in big part thanks to loca companies and businesses that believe in supporting the local community. All these partners preordered books by volume to help us reach the minimum number copies sold to be able to cover the production expenses up front. The author, production team and people featured will be forever thankful to all the sponsors who believed in the project and took the risk.


Made with love from farm to table to page by Alieska Robles