Made with love from farm to table to page

by Alieska Robles 

A journey through local flavours. a tribute to memorable culinary experiences, inspiring chefs, dedicated producers & passionate artisans who build community around the table and change lives one bite at a time! 


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Proud to be a Gourmand World Cookbook Award-Winning Cookbook, under the categories of Best Self-published Cookbook in English in Canada and Best Digital Book in English in Canada 2019.



A community passion project that helped us spread the word on our wonderful city and discover the treasures we keep in our kitchens! The author and all of the chefs, farmers and artisans involved donated their time and talent to fill these pages, it was thanks to the support of our local community that we turned this wild forest idea into a hardcover reality!

• 1 City united

• 60 Inspiring chefs

• 40 Dedicated local producers and artisans

• 4 Craft breweries

5 adventurous creators

• 3 Courses + Cocktails:  Small plates - Mains - Desserts

3 Dietary choices: Traditional -  Vegetarian  - Vegan

3 Difficulty levels: Easy - Intermediate - Advanced

504 full color pages

138 original recipes

MANY people gathered around the table... 


Let the past inspire you to create a better future!

Come into the forest and get back to the roots, when eating was a special time to share LOVE.

Enjoy fresh ingredients that come straight from the soil to your HOME. Have fun in the kitchen. Be curious and discover new flavours. Realize that the most meaningful moments in life often happen around food. Talk more - Text less. Share old stories while creating new ones. 

Celebrate the culinary heroes that change lives one bite at a time. Become one of them too! 

Be inspired and inspire others to connect.  

Feed your body, but most importantly feed your SOUL. Be present and be one with the city... with the Forest City. 



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