A space to connect with like-minded souls that share our lifestyle

We are big health freaks! We enjoy eating the healthy stuff, keeping active and spending as much time outdoors as we can. For us, exercise is not something that “the doctor forces us to do to extend life,” it is something that we enjoy doing and that we couldn’t be happy without. It makes us feel energized, fulfilled, proud and satisfied. And, it is usually followed by huge smoothie bowls, banana ice cream, oatmeal cakes and gigantic rainbow salads, which make us feel even happier and full of life!

We want you to join us and help us motivate more people to live active, healthier and vibrant lives!

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We are hoping to create the biggest plant based-friendly community cookbook in our region by partnering with local brands. Our goal is to create awareness, help broadcast the plant based message even further, connect with health enthusiasts and build community through nutritious food. 

*Note: We are currently in transition, so some of our older recipes might be vegetarian or traditional.


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