All about Gnocchi

What's not to love about Gnocchi? So soft, chewy and versatile. They can be served hot or warm with endless combinations of sauces, toppings, textures and colour. And for those with dietary restrictions, you can combine or substitute different flours to get the same heartwarming effect.

We gathered four of the gnocchi recipes in the Forest City Cookbook for you to play in the kitchen and develop your family's signature recipe to pass along.

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Honey Walnut Bagels

Bagels are not just water and flour, there are endless combinations and possibilities around them even before diving into fillings and spreads. Some more modern bakeries also include nuts or fruits to the dough, adding diversity of textures and flavour. We decided to share La Noisette’s honey walnut bagels recipe featured in the Forest City Cookbook so you can have fun creating your own crunchy and chewy bagels.

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