Behind the scenes: 1 - 6

Things are moving quickly! After a lot of planning, creating schedules and lists, organizing props and testing lights.. The first 6 days of photoshoots turned out great! All at the gorgeous McKaskell Haindl Showroom downtown.

We had the pleasure to work with 12 amazing chefs, cooks and producers; watch them do their magic and try some of the recipes that will be featured in the cookbook. We photographed the first 30 recipes and they're looking awesome!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the first 6 photoshoots in case you missed them: 

Day 1:  Katherine Jones and Alaura from Growing Chefs

Katherine is doing an amazing job educating children, families and our communities about healthy eating and getting kids excited about wholesome food, that's why all her recipes have a big health component, all filled with local fresh vegetables and fruits and keeping a good balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats to keep the belly happy and the body healthy.

Day 2: Angela Murphy and Kris Simmons from Restaurant Ninety One and Zoran Zehovac from Hot Oven

Angela's menus at Ninety One pay homage to modern Canadian cuisine and this is exactly what she prepared for the cookbook, a tribute to Canada with her own twist. All recipes are inspired by the local ingredients and born from a deep passion for Canadian culture. Kris, a young talented Sous chef is pushing the limits and bringing colour, texture and lots of flavour to the table, while Zoran Sehovac is bringing back the classics from his home town. 

Day 3: Stefan Pellman from London Club and Rick Hunt from David's Bistro

For Stefan, his home garden is the root of inspiration, with fresh tomatoes, edible flowers, herbs and colourful vegetables with rich flavours. For Rick being different is his main goal, preparing dishes never seen before and going one step further by combining ingredients and flavours our of the ordinary. 

Day 4: Mike Smith from Fellini Koolini, Ali Assaf from Joe Kools, Yoda Olinyk from Yoda's Kitchen

A recipe doesn't have to be complicated, it has to be delicious! By using good quality local ingredients and maintaining a good balance of flavours and textures, you guarantee the success of a recipe. Mike's, Ali's and Yoda's philosophy is based on simplicity, simple preparations with incredible flavour.. those that you want to eat over and over again! 

Day 5: Shannon Slade from Booch Organic Kombucha and Jamie Griffiths from Pristine Olive

These two cracked many codes and they'll be sharing their secret with the Forest City Cookbook readers. Shannon will tell you how to brew your own kombucha at home, starting with their own scoby and playing with local fruits and herbs, while Jamie will make you think of Brussels Sprouts in a whole new different way.. You won't hear "I don't like brussel sprouts" at your home no more.

Day 6: Paul Harding from The Root Cellar, Luke Gauvin from Smokestacks Food Truck and Rob Howland from Clarke Road Secondary School

From grill to oven.. Paul spent the afternoon preparing 3 recipes to die for.. including deep fried pickles and a delicious Vegan Chocolate Tart! Then we had Luke preparing his favourite gnocchi recipe inspired in a memorable date night with his fiancĂ© and we wrapped up the week with a carrot cake like no other, with twice the amount of carrots and twice the amount of flavour, prepared by Pastry Chef and Instructor Rob Howland! 

Who's next: 

You're more than welcome to stop by the studio and watch how the magic happens. Find us at the McKaskell Haindl Showroom at 362 Talbot St. 

SUNDAY Sept 24:

10am - Dave Ripley from Gusto Food & Wine

1pm - Kristian Crossen from Great Hall Catering at Western University

MONDAY Sept 25:

10am - Scott Wesseling from The Black Trumpet

2pm - Thomas Waite from Spruce on Wellington. 

TUESDAY Sept 26:   

10am - Carla Cooper and Alex Martin from Garlics of London 


3:30pm Michelle Lenhardt from Rhino Lounge