Behind the scenes: 11-15

We are half way into our second month of photoshoots, with a total of 72 completed recipes photographed. It's been a very long and exhausting journey, but seeing it all gradually coming together is what keeps us motivated and excited!

Here is the recap from days 11-15 at McKaskell Haindl Design Build Showroom downtown: 

Day 11: Ricardo Cavaco from Bifana Boys Food Truck & Catering

Travel to Europe without leaving the Forest City! The flavours and aromas of Ricardo's recipes instantly take you to Alentejo, south-central Portugal. A region of vast open countryside with very fertile soil and an incredibly unique gastronomy, characterized by its simple but creative combination of flavours!

Day 12: Scott Wesseling from Black Trumpet Restaurant, followed by Dave Ripley from Gusto Food and Wine

This was a bit of a short day, but what the day lacked in length, it definitely made up in big flavours! We had chefs Scott and Dave for the second half of their respective photo shoots. The recipes included a delightful cherry tart, one of the most beautiful vegetables around - Romanesco cauliflower and a mighty sandwich that make you believe there’s a heavenly purpose behind this chaos we call life.

Day 13: Vijay Naraine & Dave Lamers from Abruzzi, followed by Wade Fitzgerald from Fanshawe College

We started the day out with Sous Chef Vijay Naraine from Abruzzi, followed by Dave Lamers also from Abruzzi. In their recipes you will find the perfect balance between traditional and adventurous, outstanding flavours and amazing colours and textures. The types of recipes you don’t easily forget. Recipes that leave you with a strong desire to eat them again the next day - and the day after that too!

To wrap up the day we had Culinary Professor Wade Fitzgerald from Fanshawe College. Wade exemplifies why studying and mastering culinary techniques is a key to success in the kitchen!

Day 14: John Pacheco from The Tasting Room, Tim Drew from Los Lobos and Joel McMillan from Hasbeans Coffee

The day started with Chef John Pacheco and his 3 amazing recipes, which are sure to make you really REALLY happy. The first: fresh, colourful and inspiring; the second, a true comfort food that goes perfect with a blanket and a book; and the last, a decadent dessert with cheese, nuts and liquid gold, A.K.A Maple reduction!!

Soon after, we had our favourite veggie butcher, Tim Drew behind the stove. Unplugged, eloquent and always making us laugh, Tim’s photo shoot was a delight. His recipes: perfect to binge on, while the ingredients are in season!

To wrap up the day, we had Mr. 'LOVEEEEE', Joel McMillan. If you thought coffee was the solution to all of life’s problems, you must try his chocolate coffee cake!!

Day 15: Brian Sua-an from Reverie London, followed by Jill Wilcox from Jill's Table

From high end to cozy and comforting! We started the day with chef Brian Sua-An, from the soon to open Reverie Restaurant. Originally from the Philippines, Brian has been refining his technique and learning new tricks in high end restaurants in both Toronto and Denmark. Now in London, he's ready to bring something unique and special to our city, focusing on quality local ingredients with amazing flavour and impressive technique.

We don't have the words to describe how honoured and inspired we are to have Jill Wilcox, from Jill's Table in the Forest City Cookbook. As Julia Child’s once said, “Anyone can cook…” and in that same vein, Jill has been encouraging Londoners to jump into the kitchen for years. Food has been a big part of Jill Wilcox's life and her passion for it is truly incredible. At the core, we share the same belief as Jill, that food connects people and draws them together.  Many of life’s great moments happen a around a table and food.

You're more than welcome to stop by the studio and watch as the magic happens. Find us at the McKaskell Haindl Showroom, 362 Talbot St.