Behind the scenes: 16-19

This week was a very inspiring one, from high end to comfort food and everything in between, we had a wide variety of recipes all with something in common: local ingredients and deep-powerful flavours! In case you missed it, here's a recap from days 16-19 at McKaskell Haindl Design Build! 

Recipe count: 92

Photoshoots left: 8

Day 16: Chad Stewart from Field to Fork Catering & Dacha Markovic from Dacha's Cooking

Simplicity, impeccable technique and huge flavours are key for this pair of masterminds. When you source your ingredients from the best farmers around, you know you'll have outstanding flavours and peak nutrition. Food is not just something you chew on, it involves not only nutrition, but emotion, passion and dedication. It's one of the most personal connections we experience with our surroundings and it's often one of the best memories we treasure over time. 

Day 17: Justin and Gregg Wolfe from Los Lobos, Wolfe of Wortley and Early Bird

The Wolfe pack, two brothers who are constantly innovating in the culinary scene of London, who's philosophy is pretty simple: "if there's something missing, we build it!" 

That's exactly what they've been doing for several years, taking inspiration from many great chefs and restaurants, both nationally and internationally, and creating unique spaces with the distinctive Wolfe stamp. 

Places that they enjoy going to, and that you will enjoy too! Food that is unpretentious but outstanding! Drinks that are not meant to blur your vision, but to expand your imagination! 

Life's short.. have fun, eat good food, drink the good stuff, listen to wild music and leave a mark!

Day 18: David Chapman and Rick Hunt from David's Bistro, Dave Coulter and Tabitha Switzer from La Noisette Bakery

We had the privilege to see David Chapman back in the kitchen! His charisma, energy and sense of humour are one of a kind. He has an amazing ability to light up any room with laughs and joy. Which must be a factor in why he's earned the love and respect of the city over the years!

Right after, Rick Hunt was in for his second round at the studio. One of Rick’s many qualities is that he fears nothing! He enjoys experimenting with new things and never gets tired of learning new tricks in the kitchen.

Our last photo shoot was with Tabitha and Dave. Hands down, these two, have the best bakery in town! They both are incredibly beautiful people, humble, authentic and with big hearts. There’s no wonder why everything they do tastes so good! They enjoy every step of the process, from mixing, to baking, to eating. It fills their souls as much as it will fill yours after trying their creations.

Next time you stop by the bakery, before or after work, thank them as they hustle, starting work before the sunrises, to have everything freshly baked for you to enjoy everyday!

Day 19: Mike Anglestad from The Church Key

We had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Chef Mike Anglestad. We got hear about his journey and the stories behind some of the best recipes of the Church Key Bistro Pub. 

We’re very fortunate in Southwestern Ontario to have access to an abundance of great quality ingredients and Chef Mike is always sourcing his products to reflect what’s available in our extensive rich land (he also enjoys spending time outside and growing his own vegetables and flowers at his home garden)

Mike has a great personality, contagious smile, big heart and his extensive career in London’s culinary scene have rightfully made him an icon on Richmond Row, transforming ordinary plates into something really special!


You're more than welcome to stop by the studio and watch as the magic happens. Find us at the McKaskell Haindl Showroom, 362 Talbot St.