Behind the scenes: 20-23

Time is an interesting thing! If we look back, it feels like we started the photoshoots forever ago, but at the same time, it went so fast that we wish there was a slow motion button we could press to really realize everything that has been happening. After 8 intense weeks of photoshoots and 115 recipes cooked and photographed at the Mckaskell Haindl Studio we're getting close to a wrap up of the 'photography' stage, to finally step into the 'put it all together' stage. Hope you've been enjoying the process as much as we are!  

Recipe count: 115

Photoshoots left: 3 + Cover 

Day 20: Elvis Drenan from David's Bistro, Patrick Dunham from Patricks Beans, Dave Cook from Fire Roasted Coffee, Andrew Wolwowicz from  Craft Farmacy

Monday!! It started when Elvis put together an amazingly comfort food recipe to help you beat the cold weather blues! Right after, Patrick surprized us with an antique coffee grinder from the 1800's (that is still working perfectly). He shared with us about his passion for coffee and how it can be included in everything, everyday, everywhere - including a mighty coffee-braised pork sandwich!

Dave is a man with many talents, from coffee roasting, to bee keeping, iron forging, wood working and of course cooking. Dave is uber passionate about supporting our local community and keeping a strong farm to table connection. His recipe combines all of his many passions together, proudly naming it: 'mountain of goodness'. And as our finale for the day, we had the pleasure of watching Chef Andrew work his magic in the kitchen. With the assistance of Jaylen Wickert he prepared 3 recipes inspired by 3 different cultures, including flavours from the Canadian, Mexican and French cuisine! 

Almost three hours later and a bottle of red wine, we celebrated with a big smiles on our faces – as we’ve reach 100 recipe photos completed for the book!

Day 21: Chef Josh Sawyer from Wich is Wich and Cliff Briden from The Church Key Bistro

Two knowledgeable world travelers visited the studio on Tuesday! Both Josh and Cliff have extensive experience in the culinary world and combined with their travels around the globe, they truly showcased some innovation, creativity, flair and presentation for us at the studio.

Flavourful, simple and uncomplicated dishes and freshly made products are important parts of Josh’s approach. With strong influences from France and the West Coast, he created recipes that are simple to prepare but very complex in flavours. Josh has the skills and creativity to combine ingredients many wouldn’t think to. Plus, the “stories” associated with each dish make them all that much more flavourful!

Cliff brings great inspiration from Central America, Europe and Asia, combining familiar ingredients with exotic spices that are inviting and open you up to a new world of goodness! His dishes encourage you to be more adventurous, tour our city in search of perfect ingredients and to learn about their origins. Cliff's recipes will encourage you to experience cooking as something greater than just putting ingredients in a pot!

Let Cliff and Josh inspire you to explore new flavours and to cook from a new perspective!

Day 22: Matt Kershaw from Hunter & Co & Shauna Versloot from The Live Well Community

Wednesday was one of those days that fills our hearts with happiness!! It was "Take your kid to work day", so we started the day by welcoming Amanda's daughter, Maya, who helped us play around with the props and gave us lots of great ideas for our shots! 

Our first Chef of the day was Matt  Kershaw. It didn't take long for us to see why Matt was a winner of Chopped Canada. His extensive career has always focused on building food experiences that pull you out of your comfort zone and we're excited that he's bringing that to Downtown London. The much anticipated cocktail bar will focus on small plates and great wine. We're sure that Hunter & Co will become a go-to in the core. Can't wait for the grand opening, start counting the days! 

The second half of the day was incredible. We spent the afternoon with Chef Shauna, her husband Dan and their lovely baby girl - Tenley ❤ They are an incredibly beautiful family, like in the movies, but IRL! We quickly learned why Shauna has been able to build-up a community around her passion for helping others through continuous motivation and inspiration to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Her recipes featured Slegers Greens, an incredible source goodness for both the body and soul! Shauna has a certain spunk and an enthusiasm that make her a pleasure to be around and it was great to watch her put together her recipes. 

In addition, we also had a lovely visit with Kathy McLaughlin from Downtown London and her godson, who were both very interested in knowing more about the creative process behind the cookbook and getting some insights on how each photo is created from start to finish!

Also another friendly face stopped by: Chandany Chen, the very talented pastry chef from Abruzzi Ristorante, who shared with us her delightful ideas for the desserts she'll be preparing for the book next week! 

Thank you all for visiting us at McKaskell Haindl Design Build studio!! We love having people around! Remember, you're all welcome to stop by and say hello! We only have one more week of photoshoots, so don't let the opportunity pass! 

Day 23: Kyle Rose from Wolfe of WortleyLos Lobos, and Dan Riggin from Toboggan Brewing Co

Thursday.. Last day of week number 8 of photoshoots at  at McKaskell Haindl Design Build 

Chef Kyle's daring selection of recipes show that he fears nothing. He's known for combining uncommon ingredients, hoping to provide new experiences to the people that get to enjoy them. His recipes for the cookbook are no exception. We won't spoil the surprise, but we guarantee you that they are all very different to what you're use to. 

Right after, 'Riggs' as his friends call him! He prepared meaningful recipes that remind him of his first encounters with cooking and how he has evolved over time. In the kitchen you never stop learning, a good chef will always feel the need to continue experimenting and never settle with what they already know. 

Dan prepared comforting recipes with a personal twist. They combined all of his his favourite things to eat. He hopes that they will become favourites of yours too. By the way, did someone said Blackfriars Stout lava cake? Cause we got it! 


You're more than welcome to stop by the studio and watch as the magic happens. Find us at the McKaskell Haindl Showroom, 362 Talbot St.