Behind the scenes: 7-10

The first month of photoshoots is complete! We spent many days surrounded by great chefs and friendly faces who visited our studio at the McKaskell Haindl Showroom. We completed the photos for 48 amazing recipes. 

There's still a long way to go! October will definitely be very busy, but we're excited to see it all coming together - day by day, photo by photo! 

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of photoshoots 7 through 10, in case you missed them: 

Day 7: Dave Ripley from Gusto Food and Wine & Cristian Crossen from Great Hall Catering at Western University

Nothing says Sunday morning better than homemade pancakes and that's exactly what we had in front of the camera thanks to Dave. He prepared his all time favourite pancakes for us and we must say: They're absolutely delicious! 

Then we had the honour of spending the afternoon with one of the most knowledgeable chefs we have in town, Chef Cristian and his beautiful daughter Mia! Calm on the outside but with a thousand ideas rushing through his head, we could watch him cook all day. There's something sublime about his style of cooking, peaceful, inspiring and pushing the boundaries to create unique recipes you will definitely remember!

Day 8: Scott Wesseling from Black Trumpet Restaurant & Thomas Waite from Spruce on Wellington

We spent the day with two kitchen warriors, chefs that don't take no for an answer and fight for what they're passionate about. The kind of chefs that spend countless hours working because it's what makes them feel more alive. Chefs that inspire us to be better and motivate us to make the best out of every day. 

At Spruce, they're bringing back the classics but adding a modern twist, including newer techniques, molecular gastronomy and incredible plating. At the Black Trumpet, they focus on simplicity, fewer ingredients but with an emphasis on incredible flavour.  

Day 9: Carla Cooper and Alex Martin from Garlics of London

Carla and Alex are two beautiful souls doing incredible things! Their recipes, sweet and unforgettable as they are! Their cooking style... simple to make, complex in flavour!

For Carla, it was her grandmother who inspired her to cook and now she's continuing her legacy by inspiring many people to jump into the kitchen too. For Alex, it was meant to be. He really loves food, so he learned how to cook at a very young age and has became great at it!

At Garlics they get their inspiration from local ingredients, changing the menu as the seasons change. Everything is made from scratch, to guarantee that patrons get the freshest farm to table experience they can, right in the heart of Richmond Row. 

Day 10: Michele Lenhardt from Rhino Lounge and North Moore Catering

Pastry master Michele Lenhardt prepared 3 delicious recipes for us. The kind of recipes that you could prepare every day and never get bored, those that fill your soul and make you smile! 

If you're not smiling already, let us tell you, that one of her recipes is a mushroom tart made with Anderson Craft Ales beer - it's to die for!

At the Rhino they serve freshly baked tarts, doughnuts and a wide variety of desserts and lunch options, all vegan or vegetarian, to make your heart happy, but fill your body with healthy stuff too. 

You're more than welcome to stop by the studio and watch as the magic happens. Find us at the McKaskell Haindl Showroom, 362 Talbot St starting October 8th.