Cookbook Update: Part 1

Forest City Cookbook - Marketing - Brian Blatnicki - London Ontario

Everything you need to know about the Forest City Cookbook

What it is:

A stunning hardcover book that celebrates and promotes the unique food culture in London Ontario. In addition to over 125 original recipes from local chefs, farmers and producers, the book features art and literary pieces that tell the story of the Forest City. Professional photography, easy-to-use recipes and profiles featuring local growers, producers and breweries make this a book you will turn to time and again. A vibrant online presence rounds out the community experience and allows us to grow with the region.

Why we are doing this:

London Ontario is at a tipping point when it comes to culinary and agricultural opportunities. We’ve watched it grow from the sidelines, but the time is now to get our hands dirty and support the region and the hard-working folks we’ve come to know and love. We’ve committed 10% of printing costs  to go back into the community through tree planting (million tree challenge).

How you can help:

We need your help to continue to make this project happen. Here’s how you can be part of the action:

Pre-order a cookbook (or two or three) to help fund its completion. As thanks, we offer a range of perks that are more enticing depending on your contribution. 

Follow our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to keep in touch with the project and all of the amazing collaborators who are working with us.

When WILL BE available:

The book will be released in early spring 2018. To guarantee yourself a copy, you must pre-order through our website now (until December 2017).  Once our funding campaign is closed, there will be no other way to purchase the book.

Who are we:

We are The Forest City Cookbook Team, a small team comprised of a food photographer, a graphic designer, a tech enthusiast and a marketer with a world of experience between us. 

We’ve combined our talents and passions to create this book and we’re stoked, for real.



In case you missed it:

As the Forest City Cookbook project has progressed since we launched this journey we have been constantly reminded of how collaborative and innovative the food community in London Ontario is. 

We are so very excited to have such talented and passionate chefs, growers, producers and food professionals contributing to make the book a true representation of what is developing in the region.

We have been featured by several media outlets helping us spread the word on the Cookbook. They include: CBC London, AM980, CTV News London, The Londoner, The Weekly News, Eat Drink Magazine and the London Free Press. You can find all the articles and interviews here:



The book will include recipes from:

Forest City Cookbook Chefs

Alaura Puzarra - Growing Chefs

Alex Martin - Garlics of London 

Ali - Joe Kools 

Andrew Wolwowicz - Craft Farmacy

Angela Murphy - Restaurant 91 

Carla Cooper - Garlics of London 

Chad Stewart - Field to Fork Catering 

Cliff Briden - The Church Key 

Dacha Markovikc

Dan Riggin - Toboggan Brewing Company 

Dave Lamers - Abruzzi Ristorante 

Dave Ripley - Gusto Food and Wine 

David Chapman - David's Bistro 

David Coulter - La Noisette Bakery 

Elvis Drenan - David's Bistro 

Greg Wolfe - Los Lobos

Jill Wilcox - Jill's Table

John Pacheco - The Tasting Room 

Josh Sawyer - Wich is Wich 

Justin Wolfe - Los Lobos 

Katherine Jones and Alaura - Growing Chefs 

Kim Sutherland

Kristian Crossen - Great Hall Catering 

Kyle Rose - Wolfe of Wortley

Luke Gauvin - Smokestacks Food Truck

Matt Reijnen - Milos Craft Beer Emporium

Michael Anglestad - The Church Key 

Michele Lenhardt - Rhino Lounge - North Moore Catering 

Mike Fish - Glassroots 

Mike Smith - Fellini Koolinis

Paul Harding - The Root Cellar 

Ricardo Cavaco - Bifana Boys

Rick Hunt - David's Bistro 

Scott Wesseling - Black Trumpet 

Simon Briggs - London Training Centre 

Tabitha Switzer - La Noisette Bakery

Thomas Waite - Spruce on Wellington

Tim Drew - Glassroots 

Vijay Naraine - Abruzzi Ristorante 

Wade Fitzgerald - Fanshawe College - Culinary Program 

Wayne de Groot  - Zen Za Pizza

Yoda Olinyk - Glassroots 

Zoran Sehovac - Hot Oven

Patrick Durham - Patricks Beans 

David Cook - Fire Roasted Coffee 

Joel McMillan - Hasbeans Coffee

Jamie Griffith - Pristine Olive 

Shannon - Booch Kombucha

And that’s not all! Just as important as the chefs are the growers and producers who supply them with beautiful ingredients. Stay tuned for a list of farmers and artisan food producers who will be featured in the book…

We will also be featuring the four craft breweries in town



We are currently working hard on content! This includes the chefs developing their recipes, behind the scenes photos and videos with our chefs, farmers, breweries and artisan food producers, planning the staging, styling and shooting for each recipe to best represent the story around it.  We've been touring the city finding antiques and vintage elements to show more of our rich heritage. 


We are working on our funding campaign for covering costs. You can read more details in our ins and outs. We just reached "456 copies sold!" We're almost half way there, but there's still a long way to go to reach our ultimate goal of 1000 copies. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy, make sure to do do soon. We have 6 different packages for different budgets here

Forest City Cookbook - Packages

What's next? August to December: 

Let’s get cookin’! Production starts for recipe photoshoots, book layout design, procuring final props, finalized style guides, copyright proofs, and the first digital version of the book.