Final Countdown

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We finally have a date! 

After so much hard work, countless hours editing and plenty of sacrifices made along the way to get this book done, we are happy to announce that last week we submitted the last corrections to the content proof and approved the entire order. We are estimating to get the books here in London on July 31st and we are CRAZY EXCITED about bringing them to your hands!! 

This book is for those who believed!! The group of kind people who didn't need to have proof or see it first before taking action and jumping in to help... We need more people like that in the world, willing to help before asking questions, being there for others before wondering why!

How to get your books?

-For everyone who pre-ordered a hardcover copy: We are coordinating a pick-up event tentatively for August 12th. There will be an option for delivery as well for those who can't make it that day. A separate email with more information will be sent shortly!

-For the supporters who pre-ordered a Forest Experience package, which included an apron made by Wove and Grain, a cutting board made by Project Carve, a branded tote bag and a hardcover copy of the book: We will get it delivered between August 1-10. A form to confirm your address will be sent shortly along with photos of the goodies included in the package. 

-For the supporters who per-ordered a Forest Guardian package, which included a signed copy of the book plus a dinner for six at your home: Chef Chad Stewart from Field to Fork Catering will reach out to you shortly to coordinate the menu and date. We'll get your book signed the first week of August and we can deliver it to you before the dinner or bring it with us to the feast! 

-For everyone who pre-ordered an e-book: we'll send you the link to download the book at the same time as we deliver the hardcover books, so everyone will get access to their books at the same time. 

-For everyone who wants extra-copies: The partners' books will be delivered on the first week of August, so for those who missed the pre-sale some books will be available at some of our partners' establishments. Check the list here: Buy-a-Book and let your friends know! There are limited copies available, so as soon as they're out, don't wait too long if you want more! 

Thank you for the support and patience!! Remember the date because on July 31st we start celebrating!! :) 

Stay tuned! We'll send you an email with more information shortly!


Special thanks to all the partners that pre-ordered copies by volume to help this project happen! 

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