Deerfield Pottery - Tamara David

Tucked away in the back roads of Elgin County, there is an unassuming red barn on a sprawling property just outside of St. Thomas. If you enter the side door, you step into the light-filled studio of Deerfield Pottery. At the centre of the studio sit two throwing wheels, and along the walls are shelves neatly arranged with glazes, paints, and wonderful clay pieces in various stages of drying. The studio also has an expansive worktable which is used during pottery classes, as well a modest rack of pottery pieces for sale.

At the throwing wheel sits Tamara David, who calls herself a mudslinger, but this title belies her talent. She’s only been slinging mud for about a year, but already has mastered some really beautiful techniques. If you want to see for yourself, you need only go to her instagram feed @deerfieldpottery, to get a true sense of the amazing things she creates. Her sense of humour is everywhere too: her most popular item is a mug painted with a unicorn farting rainbows! She can’t keep her shelves stocked with them!

For truly calming, mesmerizing experience, be sure to watch one her videos throwing clay, it’s super relaxing… With a background in both fine arts and graphic design, Tamara has a keen eye for composition and texture, and yet the process of throwing clay requires both stamina and patience as well. Always experimenting, Tamara has even tried putting together her own custom glazes to get the exact effect she’s hoping for. This requires some nasty chemicals and incredible precision, so the process is definitely ongoing!

Tamara happily joined the Forest City Cookbook as one of our artisans. She created many custom plates – each one very different in texture and colour – that we used in conjunction with other props to create the stories surrounding each recipe within the cookbook. We are so excited to see the cookbook come alive with pieces created right here in our little piece of Southwestern Ontario.

Follow Tamara's journey and fall in love with her creations and lovely personality!

Blog written by: Amanda Devries

Photos by: Alieska Robles

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