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Grains, pseudo-grains and legumes have been sustenance for many civilizations, especially when meat products were affordable only by small elitist groups or sourced for special celebrations. If you think about it, all cultures around the world have a grain-based component in every traditional meal.

I've been plant-based for almost a decade, and even though I feel great and my blood tests have been healthy all along, I still get the "where do you get your protein" question a lot. Besides fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, a big part of my nutrition comes from grains and legumes. I'm not talking about refined, super white, ready-in-5-minutes rice; I'm talking about brown rice, wheat kernels, corn, barley, oat groats, teff, millet and many other pseudo-grains.

Being plant-based is my choice, and it doesn't have to be yours if you don't want it to be. I'm not saying you have to remove items from your grocery list; I'm just saying that there's a wide range of ingredients that can be added to the menu to provide a richer dining experience and make everyone talk about it for days.

Join us for a free dinner

To experience what adding heritage grains to your plate could look like, we’ll be giving away TWO FREE TICKETS to an exclusive 5-course dinner hosted at Chef’s Table on September 28th (valued at $75+tax per person).

The Rotational Eating Grain Dinner marks the beginning of the Regenerate's Heritage Grain Weekend—a weekend-long celebration crafted around heritage grains. Although I’d love if it were, this dinner is not plant-based, in case you were wondering; it is designed to guide you through the fields across SW Ontario and explain how crop rotation can improve soil health, food taste and the nutritional content of ingredients.

To participate, you only have to subscribe to our newsletter here. If you’re already subscribed, just reply to our last email and share a “great grain story” with us. We’d love to hear from you!* You can also share this post with your friends and get them to subscribe too. Remember to make a “pact,” so they will invite you if they win!

*We’ll randomly choose a lucky winner amongst the new subscribers and email replies on September 25th, 2019.

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The Rotational Eating Grain Dinner will be followed by a group of activities throughout the weekend that include workshops, documentary screenings, a market takeover, craft beer festival and a hands-on bread camp guided by award-winning baker Greg Wade.

If you don't want to leave it to luck, there are a few tickets left for the dinner, and also for the workshops hosted at Fanshawe College, craft beer festival hosted at the London Brewing Co-op and bread camp hosted at Growing Chefs. The Covent Garden Farmers’ market takeover and documentary screenings at Fanshawe College and The Tea Lounge are free to attend. Check out the full line-up of activities here.

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