Farmer Friends: Part II

Forest City Cookbook - Farmer friends-part 2

Continuing on with our journey, we had the pleasure of visiting an additional nine dedicated farmers in the last month. As a part of this project, we feel strongly that it is vitally important for us to help connect people, create meaningful relationships and encourage collaboration with our farmers, chefs and the community at large.

Buying local is easier than you think. All of these farms are a short drive from London. For the purpose of the Forest City Cookbook, “local” has be defined as products that are grown/produced within a 100 km radius of London, Ontario. If driving is not a possibility, you can easily find all these farmers products right within the city limits.

Visit the Covent Garden Outdoors Market and Western Fair Artisans and Farmers Market on the weekends, or find local exclusive retailers that source their products. Alternatively, you could also choose to sign-up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership. By signing up for a CSA, you bring the Farmers to YOU! You get field-fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the garden, hand-picked on the day you receive it. CSA farms offer fresher, healthier alternatives to produce loaded with chemicals, picked too early, ripened in crates, offering fewer nutrients, and shipped for thousands of kilometres before making it to your plate. In and around London, we have a number to choose from.

Now, onto our newly added farmer friends we’ve visited in the last month (P.S. you can visit them too):


Forest City Cookbook - Three Ridges


Family owned and operated by Drake Larsen and Sarah Hargreave since 2015. They raise chicken, ducks, pork, eggs and beef in 50 acres of land. All grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, being ecologically responsible and applying principles of permaculture. Their goal is to have a sacred sustainable space for growing food that is nutrient-dense, flavourful and environmentally conscious for their family and yours. 

Located in Aylmer, 45 minutes south of London.


Facebook: @threeridgesfarm


FCC - farm friends 2-4525.jpgHOPE Eco Farm

IRA STOLL FARM - H.O.P.E Eco Market: 

Certified organic. Part of the Amish community near Aylmer, Ira and his family rely on true traditional farming methods, using horse power and avoiding the use of electricity and many other modern technologies. Their farm and lifestyle is as intact and simple as it was centuries ago, so their vegetables and fruits as nutritious and free of chemicals as they should always be. 

Located in Aylmer, 45 min south of London. 

Contact: 519-765-1031 ext.1

Fores City Cookbook - Great Lakes Apples


Established in the 1950's by MaryAnne's grandparents. Currently family owned and operated by MaryAnne and her husband Joe. They grow many varieties of apples, peaches, pears and pumpkins, also prepare delicious homemade apple pie and treats during the season.  You can pick your own or buy from their store. They also have kids activities and a small cafe at the farm.  

Located in Port Stanley, 40 minutes south of London. 


Facebook: @great-lakes-farm


Forest City Cookbook - Sungold Organics


Operating for the first year in less than an acre, Andrew and Paige grow vegetables following bio-intensive, ecological principles. Fresh tomatoes, greens, carrots, beets, herbs and many more, all beautiful, delicious and nutrient-dense.

Located in Mount Brydges, 28 min west of London. Find them at the Covent Garden Outdoor Market every Thursday and Saturday morning. 


Facebook: @sungold-organics


Forest City Cookbook - Slegers Greens


Certified Organic. Established in 1987 by Jo and Pauline Slegers. They started with only Boston Lettuce and now they have over 30 varieties of greens, micro greens and herbs. Grown year round inside their greenhouses, they are all Organic, Local and Living!

Located in Strathoy, 40 min west of London. Find them at the Covent Garden market and many more establishments around town.


Facebook: @slegers-greens

Forest City Cookbook - Little Fields Farm


Operated by Claire Poulton, she grows pastured raised chicken and turkey, and more 40 different varieties of vegetables for her CSA members. Working and learning from different farms over the past 10 years, Claire decide to start her own operation in 2015 and it's been growing successfully ever since. 

Located near Drumbo, 50 minutes northeast of London. Find her at Rebirth Wellness Centre every Friday distributing fresh vegetables to her CSA members. 


Facebook: @littlefieldsfarm

Forest City Cookbook - Jacksons Fish


The Jacksons family has been fishing since the 1930's, and it was in 1976 that they opened their processing facility and market in Port Stanley, where they continue to offer fresh fish daily.  Currently operated by Joe and Tammy they provide fresh fish from the boat to your table from May to October. 

Located in Port Stanley, 50 min south of London. 


Facebook: @jacksonsfishmarket

Forest City Cookbook - Wildflowers Honey


Unpasteurized. The Wildflowers Farm is owned and operated by Chuck and Jane Magri. Chuck is dedicated to his growing hives and Jane to herbalism and yoga, together, the best team. Educating and bringing the community together around flowers and bees. 

Located in St Thomas, 35 minutes South of London. 


Facebook: @wildflowershoney


Forest City Cookbook - Little Sisters Chicken


Owned and operated by Tony, Mandy and their beautiful daughters since 2015. The specialize in pasture-raised chickens. The chicken have access to sunlight and pasture everyday and it is complemented with different vegetation such as clover, spinach and alfalfa and a Non GMO feed mix. They sell whole chickens, by piece and specialty sausages. 

Located in Parkhill, 50 min northwest of London. Also found in Chris Country Cut at the Covent Garden Market and The Village Meat Shop at the Western Fair farmers Market.


Facebook: @littlesisterschicken


More farm visits coming soon... Be part of the local food movement, create a sustainable environment for your children, thank and support our farmers and always choose good food first! 

Welcome to the forest city table!