The Final Stretch!

Exciting news about printing!

Hi everyone,

Our cookbook crew have been eating, sleeping and dreaming cookbook creation for the last several months. And we’ve got some great news to share.

The cookbook is currently being finalized with tweaks to the layout, editing and proofreading all happening at the same time. 

It’s been an overwhelming, but rewarding process as we see each and every recipe and profile, come to life.

Our original plan was to feature 30 local chefs + 20 local producers, but our numbers have doubled along the way. Our final count is 60 talented culinary artists and 40 dedicated local producers in a stunning 490+ page, hardcover book with 135 recipes.

We've received a lot of emails asking when the book will be ready, and we truly appreciate you eagerness, but we ask you to bear with us! This has been a huge undertaking and we don't want to rush these final stages - and we want to make sure this book is perfect! 

Our original delivery date was set as “Spring 2018” and although it’s not all happened as quickly as we planned, we’re on track to send the book to print within a couple of weeks, meaning we should have it to you in late Spring early Summer (end of June-ish).