International Award-Winning Book


With excitement and joy, we’re happy to announce that the Forest City Cookbook can now be called an International Award-Winning cookbook. In November 2018 we submitted our application to the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, and we recently received the great news that we are the Canadian winners in two categories, the BEST SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK IN ENGLISH IN CANADA 2019 and the BEST DIGITAL BOOK FOR SALE IN CANADA IN 2019.

The Gourmand Awards are like the “Oscars” for Cookbooks. They are inspired in the Olympics, so all the winners from each country are finalists, getting to represent their country for the “Best in the World” title, to be announced in July 2019 at the Macau International Book Fair in China. We can now represent Canada Internationally amongst the best of the best under the “A14-Best Selling-published book” and “B14- Best digital book for sale” categories. We want to put London on the map for its culinary scene and we believe this is a big step that will contribute to it. We hope our local chefs and farmers get recognized in the international culinary community, bringing people from all over the world to our beloved city!

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A14 Self Published

Algeria: Recettes Berberes, Touria Charlier (Lulu)
Austria: JOW, Joy of Waterboiling, Thomas Gotz, Soso Phist, Lisa Edi (Achse)
Canada English: Forest City Cookbook, Alieska Robles
Canada French: Recettes et Propos Sales, Claudie Gagne (Jardins de la Mer)
Comoros: Macaron, President francais devenu comorien, Nadjad Bacar (Ulule)
Czech: Recipes for Peace, Kifah Dasuki
France: Les Belles Perdrix, Nelly Sanchez
Germany: Ekdam Mito Chaa, Nepal, Fabienne Schickora (Books on Demand)
Hong Kong: Grace´s 60 Recipes, Grace Choy
India: Homemade Granola Bars & Chikki recipes, Manimekali Chelliah
Portugal: Porto Food Guide, Bruno Carvalho, Maria Sena
Sweden: Kokbok, Niklas & Kristoffer Lindblad
UK: Indian restaurant at home,(Misty Ricardo Curry Kitchen)
USA: Love, Laughter & Rhubarb, Tinky Weisblat (Merry Lion Press)

B14 Digital Book for sale

Argentina: Embutidos, Guido Tassi (Planeta)
Australia: Greek Food for Sharing, Eugenia Pantanos (Greek Lifestyle)
Brazil: Brazilian Amazon Cookbook, Otto Vanetta (edicaoes cia de ebook)
Canada English: Forest City Cookbook, Alieska Robles
Canada French: Cuisine avec Ines, Ines Gauthier (Goelette)
Colombia: Lo que se cocina para sazonar la vida, Catalina Alba Cardenas (Planeta)
Fiji: Annapurna, Nalini Naidu (Zeus)
France: Buffon 9, La Raclette, Guilhem Malissen (Nouvelles Ecoutes)
India: Spices & Rhapsodies & Foot Tapping Chefs, Viji Varadarajan (Orient Enterprises)
Jamaica: Cooking with Ackee, Dean Burrowes, Jassie Singh
Mexico: El Cacao, Alimento Divino, Martin Gonzalez de la Vera, Azucena, Surez de Miguel (Fundacion Herdez)
Norway: Flavors of the Fjords, Connors, Fladvad (Belleaire Press)
Poland: ProjektMlodosc, Urszula Mijakowska (Muza)
Portugal: Porto Food Guide, Bruno Carvalho, Maria Sena
Romania: The secrets of the dough, Stela + Catalin Gabriel Seratulat
Spain: Discvr, Galicia Special, Rodrigo Corbacioglu (Discvr)
Sri Lanka: Marshmellows of Serendip, Mariry Anne Motianraj
Tajikistan: Taste of Sarband, Ellen A. Abdulmuminov
UK: French Guy Cooking, Alexis Gabriel Arnouz (Quadrille)
USA: Noodle Soup, Ken Albala (University Illinois)




The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau. Edouard is one of the most famous figures on the international culinary arts publishing scene, he started the awards more than 20 years ago to give international recognition to the best cookbooks published around the world. They are the first awards to give international recognition, and in Edouard’s words: "Our aim is to earn prestige for this publishing sector and to help authors and their books reach out to new markets". The Gourmand’s mission is to highlight cookbooks that don’t necessarily benefit from having a celebrity chef on the cover. “Every country has its own celebrity chef that can be completely unknown outside the specific country,” he says.

The Gourmand Awards are currently the most prestigious competition of its kind and each year, publishers from over 200 countries nominate thousands of books. From large publishing companies to first-time self-publishers like us, are invited to participate. All cookbooks first compete to be national winners, before moving on to the Best in the World award. Based on the past years of book fairs and awards, Edouard Cointreau acknowledges that the professional self-publishers are the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry.

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-Honour those who “cook with words.”

-Give an overview of World Food and Drink Culture in all its rich diversity and trends.

-Find reliable quality sources for the public, professionals and the media. 

-Help promote the best authors and publishers. 

-Help authors and publishers in the copyright foreign rights trade.


We don’t have all the information for attending to the awards and food fairs yet, but we will do our best to keep everyone up to date about the requirements to be part of them. Our project was a passion project, not made for profit, which will make it difficult for us to afford travelling and organizing an exhibition on our own, but we believe this is a great opportunity to send our message to the world, so we hope we can get the support from tourism institutions, local organizations and the City of London to be able to represent London and promote it through our cookbook as a great food destination.

March 20-22 - Best books 2016-2018 Exhibition - UNESCO Headquarters

July 3-7 - Macao International Book Fair - Print Gourmand Awards 

August 21-25 - Beijing International Book Fair - Tourism, Food & Wine

October 16-20 - Frankfurt Book Fair - Gourmet Gallery


We’re feeling grateful and that is why we decided to give away one of Alieska’s personal copies (signed) to one lucky individual. Remember this was a one-time print run and there’s only around 15-20 copies left for sale from our retail partners, so once we’re sold out city-wide, there won’t be anymore hardcover copies available.

It is very simple:

-Find the giveaway post on Facebook.

-Love it <3 (we think this deserves a little more than just a “like”, hope you agree).

-Share it on your feed.

We will announce the winner the first day of March. Good luck!!

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There was 215 countries and regions participating in this year’s awards in 109 different categories. Canadian books won in 42 categories, two of which belong to our book. We are very proud to be among so many big names and happy that all of us can now represent Canada for the “Best in the World” title. The other Canadian fellow winners are:

*A03 - Chef/Restaurant - Canada: The Last Schmaltz, Anthony Rose, Chris Johns (Appetite: PRH)'

*A07 TV Celebrity Chef - In English - Canada: Matty Matheson, A Cookbook (Abrams)

*A09 TV Celebrity Chef - Rest of the World - Canada: A la Soupe, Josee Di Stasio (Flammarion Quebec)

*A10 Innovative - Canada: Cooking in Color, Adrian Harris, Jeremy Inglett (Harper Collins)

*A11 Entertaining - Canada: Set for the Holiday, Anna Olson (Appetite- PRH)

*A12 First Book - Canada: Eating Local in Fraser Valley, Angie Quaale, (Appetite PRH)

*A13 Blogger / Social Media printed book - Canada English: On Boards, Lisa Dawn Bolton (Appetite PRH)
Canada French: Des fleurs dans votre assiette, Nathalie Beaudoin, (Goelette)

*A14 Self Published - Canada English: Forest City Cookbook, Alieska Robles

*A15 Cooking School / Education - Canada: Se soigner avec les fines herbes aromatiques, Nathalie Beaudouin

*A16 hotels - Canada: Wickaninnish Cookbook (PRH)

*B10 Series - Canada: Spain, Emily Lycopulus (Touchwood)

*B14 Digital Book for sale - Canada English: Forest City Cookbook, Alieska Robles
Canada French: Cuisine avec Ines, Ines Gauthier (Goelette)

*C01 Local - Canada: Nova Scotia Cookery, Then & Now, Valerie Mansour (Nimbus)

*C03 French - Canada: In the French Kitchen with kids, Mardi Michels ( Appetite PRH)

*C04 Italian - Canada: A Table in Venice, Skye in Venice, (Appetite PRH)

*C05 Mediterranean - Canada: Cuisine Espagnole, Marie Fleur St Pierre (Ed. Homme)

*C06 Scandinavian - Canada: Bakeland, Marit Hovland (Greystone)

*C10 Indian / Sri lanka - Canada: The Complete Indian Instant Pot, Chandra Ram (Robert Rose)

*C11 Japanese - Canada: The Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives, Kevin Kevent (Long Ladder Media)

*C15 Street Food - Canada: Brunch Life, Matt Basile, Kyla Zanardi (Penguin)

*C18 Asian: Published outside Asia - Canada: Vegetarian Vietnam, Cameron Stauch (WW Norton)

*C22 Arctic - Canada: Edible and Medicinal Plants, Inuit Elder, Aalasi Joamle, Anna Ziegler, Rebecca Hainnu (Inhabit Media)

*D02 Health and Nutrition, for the public - Canada: Eat Real to Heal, Nicolette Richer (Mango Media)

*D03 Children - Canada: Cuisine avec Ines, Ines Gauthier (Goelette)

*D04 Food writing - Canada English: Measures of my Powers, Jackie Kai Ellis (Appetite PRH)
Canada French: Treize a Table (Druide)

*D05 Culinary History - Canada: Nova Scotia Ciookery, Old & New, Valerie Mansour (Nimbus)

*D06 Culinary Travel / food Tourism - Canada: Food artisans of Alberta, Karen Anderson (Touchwood)

*D07 FOOD Inheritance - Canada: The Canadian Receipt Book, Preface Melissa McAfee (Rock Mills)

*D11 Family - Canada: Seriously good freezer recipes, Karrie Truman (Robert Rose)

*D15 Traditional Natura L Medicines & Nutrition - Canada English: Edible & Medicinal Arctic Plants (Inhabit Media)
Canada French: Comment booster votre systeme immunitaire, Dr. Michel Jodoin (Editions Li Shi Zhen)

*E01 Easy Home Recipes - Canada: Fermentation Revolution, Sebastien Bureau (Robert Rose)

*E02 Single Subject - Canada English: Instant Favourites, Mia Bachmaier, Mike McColl (Harper Collins)
Canada French: Des Fleurs dans votre assiette, Nathalie Beaudouin (Multimondes)

*E03 Desserts - Pastry for public - Canada: Bakeland, Marit Hovland (Greystone)

*E05 fish and Seafood - Canada English: Great Shellfish Cookbook, Mat Dean Petit (Appetite PRH)
Canada French: Recettes et Propos Sales, Claudie Gagne (Jardins de la Mer)

*E06 Vegetarian - Canada English: Vegetarian Vietnam, Cameron Stauch (WW Norton)
Canada French: La Fraiche, Eve-Lyne Auger (Goelette)

*E09 Cheese and Milk - Canada: For the love of cheese, Afrim Pristine (Appetite PRH)

*E11 Fruits - Canada: Ah, Les fraises et les framboises, Caroline Dustig, (Parfum d´Encre)

*E12 Meat - Canada: Steak Revolution, Rob Firing (Harper Collins)

*E13 Vegan - Canada: Hot for Food, Lauren Toyota (PRH)

*E14 Pastry for Professionals - Canada: La Patisserie du XXI Siecle, Les Nouvelles Bases, Berry Farah

*E15 Breakfast - Canada: Brunch Life, Matt Basile, Kyla Zanardi (Penguin)

*F02 Canada-USA - Canada: From our Kitchen to yours, Canuck Place Cookbook (Canuck Poace)

See the entire list of winners and finalists from each country in all categories here: Gourmand Award Shortlist 2019