Happy Holidays!


Thank you for an amazing 2018!

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This project was a great success thanks to all of you! It all started as a one girl’s idea of making a cookbook she’d like to read. A book that would combine all her favourite books in one, showing her appreciation for the culinary heroes that work hard to make us all happy, and reminding us all how special it is to create meaningful memories with family & friends around the dining table.

Thanks to your support and love, this idea became a hardcover reality in 2018! It helped many of us discover hidden gems in our city, create meaningful relationships with chefs, farmers and artisans, make new friends and be proud of our local culinary community.

In the spirit of the holiday celebrations, we’d like to say thank you and wish you the very best for the New Year! We need more people like you in the world; kind, willing to help before asking questions, and open to believe!


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This book meant different things for different people, for us, it was a tribute to memorable culinary experiences, to farmers, ingredients, chefs, books, travels, antiques, artisans and people who eat together!

Food is Love! We encourage you to share special moments and create meaningful memories with family & friends through the recipes and stories compiled in the Forest City Cookbook. Not only during the holiday season, but every single day!


504 full-colour pages

105 talented people working together

854 props and surfaces

49 partners, media & friends

585 days from start to launch

2304 hardcover copies

1564 Facebook fans

1667 Instagram friends

many stories, laughs, tears and hugs!

We wish you a wonderful 2019!

If you want to revive some of our best moments along the way, you can always check out our Youtube channel or re-read our blog.

Special thanks to all our partners who helped us grow even bigger and stronger than we imagined. Thank you for believing and for helping us send our message even further, bringing even more books into people’s homes

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Alieska Robles