Just Simply Wood - Thomas Regnier


Meet our friend Thomas Regnier, the mastermind behind Just Simply Wood. He is a creator of beautiful wooden spoons, pizza boards, cutters, cups, wooden cheese knives, boards, plates and much more! His story of success is one of those where curiosity and a hobby can together to become a full time job.

Thomas’s first creation was a wooden spoon, handcrafted as a gift for his wife. This, as they say, sparked the flame. So he continued experimenting and slowly acquired more tools, increasing the size of his workshop and learning new techniques. Soon, his garage became his office, his wood pieces became his co-workers and his tools established a connection between his imagination and reality. 


Thomas is self taught. How cool is that! YouTube videos, podcasts and blogs are some of his best allies. Some of the perks of working with your hands is that you can listen to postcasts all day and learn as you work.


We’ve seen first hand that the possibilities are endless for Thomas. Regardless if he starts with a large piece of wood or a small one, that’s just the beginning. What he does with it, is what makes it that much more interesting. “The amazing thing about carving is that I am never limited to the piece of wood, but only to one’s imagination," says Thomas.


Follow his journey via social media, we're sure you'll find lots of inspired Christmas gift ideas.

Website: justsimplywood.ca

Facebook: @justsimplywood

Instagram: @justsimplywood


Photos by: Alieska Robles

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