Book-launch weekend!

We're so thankful for the great community we have created around our cookbook. Since the very beginning, we have had tremendous support from many local businesses, tourism organizations and  incredible partners, all who've helped us turn this cookbook into a big celebration and tribute to our culinary industry. 

We spent exactly 20 months in the creation of of this book, now it's finally time to bring it to the light... all of it... the entire 504 pages and countless hours of work! We're nervous but also very excited and we couldn't be happier to do this in the special place where it all started, the McKaskell Haindl Showroom on 362 Talbot St. We spent months last year in this cozy, bright space watching the chefs prepare their master creations and capturing the beauty of each recipe surrounded with vintage props! Now we'll be back, this time loaded with cookbooks!!



-Thursday, August 9th (4-8pm)

-Friday, August 10th (4-8pm)

-Saturday, August 11th (10am-4pm) 


-Monday, August, 13th (2-6pm)

-Tuesday, August, 14th (2-6pm)

-Wednesday, August, 15th (2-6pm)



McKaskell Haindl at 362 Talbot St, London. 

McKaskell Haindl.png

We want to make it casual and cozy, so we'll get the opportunity to chat with supporters, meet the makers, and spend a nice afternoon talking "all things cookbook". We want you there celebrating with us and sampling delicious food: 

-Canapés made by Chef Angie Murphy from soon to open Grace Restaurant*

-Mini cupcakes from Pastry Artisan Kate St. Laurent from the Bake Shop Studio*

-Decadent sweet potato and black bean brownies with avocado frosting by Julianna Guy Wesseling, winner of the Eatdrink magazine recipe contest.*

*Limited quantities available. Only from Thursday to Saturday. 

The Bake Shop Studio is a boutique bakery that specializes in made from scratch cakes with breathtaking decorations, hand-crafted edible floral cupcakes and advanced baking classes. All handmade, all with love!

Angie Murphy is a talented farm-to-table chef who believes in the power of food. She will soon be opening her first restaurant called Grace Restaurant to share her passion for flavour with London and offer a space for people to come together, enjoy her creations, tell stories and feel proud of our culinary community. 

Julianna Guy Wesseling is creative, enthusiastic and loves cooking! She's a lady with many talents, some of which drove her to participate and win the recipe contest from Eatdrink magazine created in partnership with the cookbook! 


Our friends from Heeman's believe in the power of healthy soil, for healthy food and a bright future. They you to touch it, smell it and experience its greatness by planting seeds to take home! Kids and adults are welcome, you'll be amazed how fun it is to grow food! 

*Limited quantities available. 

We would love to hear your ideas! Our culinary community is growing by the minute and we want you to help us bring it in the right direction... tell us what you'd love to see in our town, how to make it better, your dream restaurant, what can we improve and what you love! Say it all, we are listening! 

We enjoyed the process and we are thankful for all the friends we made along the way.. So much that we are thinking about doing it again! Tell us what you'd love to see on  our next cookbook, how to improve and how to make your belly even happier! 


-Hardcover copies: 504 pages, 138 recipes, 35 farmer stories, 5 artisan stories and more! $95 + gst

-Tote Bags: cotton canvas tri-colour! $15 + hst

-Handcrafted walnut cutting boards made by Project Carve! $60 + hst

-Handcrafted denim aprons with leather harness, two pockets and towel ring by Wove and Grain! $176 +hst

-Organic bamboo t-shirts! $25 + hst

*We'll be accepting cash and credit card during the event!! 




As part of our excitement, we partnered with some local businesses to give away some freebies and offer promos for cookbook supporters. Here is a list of activities you can do, places you can go during pick up days and giveaways we'll have going on: 


-Have a feast at Abruzzi Ristorante. Bring your cookbook and get 25% off in Chef Dave Lamers' featured beet risotto. Since we photographed and tried this recipe we've been dreaming about eating it again! Lucky for us (and for you too) it will be back only for cookbook fans during our launch event this week. We are proud to have restaurants like Abruzzi that take pride in their quality local ingredients, creative preparations, top notch service and high end cuisine! Only the best for their guests!  

*Discount per book for max 2 ppl. Only from Thursday to Saturday.

-Have a sweet treat at Abruzzi. With the order of the beet risotto special you get the chance to taste one of Chandany Chen's incredible creations.  She's a very talented young Pastry Chef that we know will elevate the culinary scene in London. She'll be preparing authentic Italian gelatos to complement with the sweet flavours of the beet risotto. Can't miss this!! 

*Discount per book for max 2 ppl, only with the purchase of the beet risotto special. Only from Thursday to Saturday.

-Have a feast at ZenZa Pizzeria. Bring your cookbook and get 10% off in avocado toasts and pizza. If you haven't been there yet, you should know they're the loveliest, greatest pizza people. Their offerings are all handcrafted, local and made with love, cause they believe pizza and love can change the world! 

*Discount per book per table. Only from Thursday to Saturday.


-Have a feast at Wich is Wich. Bring your cookbook and with the order of one sandwich, you get 50% off on the second. It is a proper sandwich shop and they believe a sandwich can be memorable! All their options are gourmet and special, you'd be amazed on how something so simple to make can taste so wonderful!

*Discount per book per table. Only from Thursday to Saturday.

-Get a tasting-size portion of one of Matt Kershaw's featured recipes included in the cookbook. The dish will also be available for full portions only this weekend! Hunter & Co has incredible cocktails and a great selection of tapas style dishes, ideal for sharing! Don't miss out! 

*Valid per book. Only from Thursday to Saturday.

-Go to the Forest City Beerfest on Friday and Saturday. We'll be giving some free tickets during pick-up! It will be the 8th annual beer festival in our city to “Elevate Craft Beer” which  means: bringing our favourite producers together so we can raise a glass and toast to the best of Ontario Craft Beer!! Lots of samples, food and music!

*Ask for them at the event! 


-Win a free case of Kombucha from Booch Organic Kombucha. Raw organic kombucha hand-crafted in the Forest City with 519 love. It is good for your body, good for the planet and good for your soul, plus it tastes insanely delicious!! 

*Instruction on how to participate will be announced at the event. 

-Win a free cooking class with Chef Shauna Versloot from The Live Well Community. She'll teach you how to get more efficient in the kitchen so you'll enjoy cooking even more and step up your game! 

*Instruction on how to participate will be announced at the event. 

-Win two Black Angus roasts or one large pepperoni (3 individual winners) from Dancey Family Farms, all organically raised, grass-fed and grass-finished. Chris Dancey is one of the many local inspiring women who are committed to preserve the land and produce good food in a sustainable way. 

*Instruction on how to participate will be announced at the event. 


-Our friends from Downtown London will be giving 2 packages of $50 Dundas dollars each for you spend freely on any of the local business around Dundas St. Show them some love during construction, they're still open! 

-The sweet and savoury aroma of maple syrup is captured in this exceptionally sweet balsamic vinegar by Pristine Olive, which has become Jamie's brunch favourite and a creative addition to his Brussels sprouts recipe featured in the cookbook. We'll be giving 18 bottles of 60ml as part of our launch giveaway! Instruction on how to participate will be announced at the event. 






-Stop by the Dundas Place Arts Festival on Saturday August 11th between Clarence and Wellington. Dundas businesses are throwing a party celebrating their street, the arts, and unique downtown experiences. 


-Stop by the Lofthouse Living Mini Market on Saturday August 11th (10am-4pm) on 171 Queens Avenue. With local vendors, artisans and gorgeous unique gifts and home decor.

Forest City Beer Fest

-Go to the Forest City Beerfest on Friday and Saturday. The 8th annual beer festival in our city to “Elevate Craft Beer” which  means: bringing our favourite producers together so we can raise a glass and toast to the best of Ontario Craft Beer!! Lots of samples, food and music!

*We'll be giving some free tickets during our launch event.