Book launch: Recap

The first three days were incredible... we'll be coming back this week for more!!! 

We're blown away by the feedback and lovely messages about our cookbook! It fills our hearts to watch people smiling while flipping the pages and excited to get home to start reading! This was a labour of love made possible by all of you who blindly supported the project and patiently waited while it was being developed! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being part of it! 

We couldn't get enough of it so we've decided to extend our hours at McKaskell Haindl Showroom - 362 Talbot St, our new hours for this week are: 

Monday to Friday, August 13th - 17th (2-6pm)

-For those who already picked up their books: Hope you're enjoying the book and making plans for your next cooking adventure! We'd love to see you visiting some restaurants and farms to get your books signed by the chefs and farmers, we would also love to see some pictures of your first creations at home! 

-For those who haven't picked up yet: We will be at the showroom all week Monday to Friday, Aug 13-17th 2pm-6pm. If you can't make it those days send us an email and we will coordinate for a later day. If you already sent us an email, ignore this part! 

-E-Book: We are working on getting the file ready for download. You will receive a link to your email in the next few days! We apologize for the delay. 

-Deliveries: For those who paid for delivery, we will be packing your books this week and placing them for delivery before Friday, you should receive them in the next few days! If you haven't paid for delivery and want us to send it straight to your home, you can request it here:

-Extra copies: We ordered a limited number of extra copies to sell, you can buy them at the McKaskell Haindl showroom this week before we run out of them, there is around 100 left and we won't do a second print run of this edition. Some of our partners will be also retailing the book, check out the list of establishments here:  

We also have organic bamboo T-shirts, canvas tote bags and handcrafted walnut cutting boards.

The retail price of the book is $99.75 / T-shirt $28.25 / tote $16.95 / board $67.8 (all prices including tax) 

Special giveaways! 

-We have a lot of prizes to hand out! As we extended our pick up days, we will also extend the giveaways deadline. There is time to participate until Sunday, Aug 19th. We will announce the winners the week of Aug 20th, 2018

-How to participate: Post a photo of your book on Instagram or Facebook, tag @forestcitycookbook and use the hashtag #forestcitycookbook

The prizes are: 
-A free cooking class by Chef Shauna Versloot from The Live Well Community
-A 60ml bottle of Pristine Olive'sdark maple balsamic, used to prepare Jamie's recipe in the cookbook (20 winners)
-Two packages of $50 Dundas dollars provided by Downtown London to spend in Dundas St businesses to support them during construction (2 winners) 
-A case of Booch Organic Kombucha to make your heart and gut happy!
-Two Black Angus roasts and one large pepperoni organically raised, grass-fed and grass-finished by Dancey Family Farms (3 winners)

Check out some of last week's magic and follow our Youtube channel for more video fun! 
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-Day 1: Lots of heavy lifting and set up stress that led to many smiles and sweet comments that filled our hearts with joy! Day 1 was a great success!! Huge THANK YOU to everyone that helped during the event and everyone who pre-ordered a cookbook! It was pure and awesome teamwork!

-Day 2: Friendly faces! We got more efficient and received more beautiful feedback. We love seeing people's reaction when they come in and see the book. It always makes us smile when they say "Wow! It is so big and beautiful" with excitement in their eyes! This is not just a book, it is a culinary guide, a tribute to our city and an invitation to discover our local flavours! 

-Day 3: We had a lot chefs and farmers stoping by and signing some books! This is one of our favourite parts about this book, it gives you the opportunity to meet the makers, ask questions and get their autographs! They are culinary rockstars, the work hard to feed us and make us happy! 

Forest CIty COokbook - McKaskell Haindl-01.jpg

Who is McKaskell Haindl & Cardinal Fine Cabinetry and why we love working with them so much! 

Chris McKaskell, Chris Haindl, Laurie Bilyea & Paul Bilyea are the incredible people behind the Talbot St. showroom we love so much! They are industrial designers and together they combine more than 80 years of organized excellence in the industrial arts! 

Creative furniture designs and breathtaking masterpieces! They can bring life to any space in your home through pieces made out of wood, concrete, steel and raw materials. From custom kitchens to unique coffee tables! There are no limits to their imagination! The best part: they do everything in-house. They design, source their own materials, build, work with local craftspeople, deliver, install and train apprentices to pass their skills to the next generation. For them, "real value is seen in the product and is experienced in the process", that is why they live and breath everything they do from start to finish, having an impact and creating pieces exclusively for you! 

Beyond their expertise in their field and above everything, they are legitimately good people!! They believe in building community and in creating strong bonds with their clients, fostering relationships that will last a lifetime... just like their furniture creations!


A GROUP SHOT - baja.jpg

Best moments!

Things were very busy but we managed to capture some of the best moments of the first three days!