Spear of Love: Mazak Farm

Today we did our first farm photoshoot for the Forest City Cookbook! We spent the morning at Mazak Farms with Sarah, Barry and their 3 beautiful daughters... They gave us a tour around the farm and shared with us their inspiring story. It didn't take long to see that THEY LOVE what they do! Through each and every conversation we had, it's clear that they get a great satisfaction in growing the best produce possible and that they put a lot of hard work and commitment into maintaining the highest standards and best quality. It's evident that their true passion is to bring customers a nutrient dense, certified organic product that everyone can enjoy and that will reflect how unique their farm is. The simplicity is what makes it so special, they don’t use any complicated machines, or high tech systems, only their bare hands and a bucket under the sun. Every single asparagus spear is picked with care, paying attention to their size and diameter, and one at a time... yes.. ONE AT A TIME!


Today's dialogue went in many directions, from how the farm started with Sarah’s dad 40 years ago to what it means for them to raise their children in such wonderful environment. We also talked about the importance of committing to be certified organic and how proud they are to be the only white asparagus producers in Ontario, it is very rewarding to know that people drive from all over the province to get their asparagus when in season. They take their job very seriously, it clearly is their life - and we're grateful we had the opportunity to meet them and feature them in our cookbook, even more to have them so close to London.


The asparagus season is now over, but their farm is open year round. They are currently offering delicious garlic, popcorn, chicken, eggs and fire wood. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit them and fall in love with their family and how they do things. They might be small in land, but they are huge in heart and dedication! Thank you so much Sarah and Barry for all the hard work!

Mazak Farms

Website: mazakfarms.ca

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Photos and video by: Alieska Robles