Cookbook News

It’s been over 3 months since we launch the cookbook and we keep receiving lots of lovely feedback and motivating comments, which fills our hearts deeply!

It has been a very tough few months as we started feeling the “crash” that usually comes after long periods of intense work, strong emotions and adrenaline rushes. We had to take a little break from all things social to be able to recover from all the computer time and sleepless nights, but we’re glad to say that we’re well on our path to get past all the mental exhaustion that came with the project.

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We partnered with Tourism London and Lavery Group to create a special event designed to inspire Londoners to think about creative collaboration, innovation and raising the bar on experiences that add new revenues and new value to our community! The event was called “Planting the seed for experiential Tourism” and took place at the Tea Lounge and InHome Chef Headquarters. The evening started with Michelle Pierce Hamilton from the Tea Lounge taking us on a trip through tea farms in Asia, showing us the difference between white and black tea, teaching us how to appreciate their flavours and letting us clear our mind through meditation. The second part of the evening was at the InHome Chef, where farmer Paul Spence from CK Table took us on a journey through all our senses; listening to his story, smelling the unique aromas of Paw Paw, touching soil and learning how to plant seeds, tasting and understanding bacteria, and recognizing the differences between heritage grains and commercial. All while enjoying a carefully-crafted, Earth-Inspired 5-course dinner prepared by Chefs Brian Sua-an from Reverie and Thomas Waite, in collaboration with Bryan Lavery. For the grand finale, experiential tourism operator, coach and facilitator, Celes Davar from Earth Rhythms gave us key pointers on how to transform a simple tour into an unforgettable experience, leaving us with lots of inspiration and ideas for future events.


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We joined dedicated farmers and artisans at the Covent Garden Outdoors Market on Saturday, November 17th to sell some extra copies of our cookbook. It was a cold morning, that warmed-up with the smiles of vendors and attendees.

We will be back on Saturday, December 1st and 15th, selling books with 10%, 20% and 30% discounts, along with tote bags and T-shirts. Don’t leave the Holiday presents to the last day and give the gift of community, sustainability and nutritious food to your loved ones. In our book you’ll find a selection of some of the best chefs and farmers in town, so you can take a culinary tour of our city and discover our local flavours!

There is less than 100 copies available city-wide and we won’t do a second print run of this Limited Edition book. Don’t miss out!


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We’re looking for recipe contributors to help us expand and showcase our local flavour. We want to continue sharing stories, recipes and cooking tips from our local community, so if you are a chef or a homecook with an all-time favourite recipe, reach out to and join us in this journey.

Our goal is to meet more of those individuals who are making a difference and trying to leave a positive impact through food. Food is powerful and so is the people who take the time to cook! Our plan is to start sharing 1-2 recipes and stories every month through our blog, with videos, photos and motivation to cook with local ingredients (staring in the new year). We want to connect local businesses with people who appreciate handmade, creating a better sense of community and inspiring everyone to care about each other.


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Special gift box:

The creative people from Pristine Olive Tasting Bar created a special gift box with everything you need to prepare Jamie Griffiths’ recipe featured in the cookbook, the vintage wooden box includes: 1 hardcover cookbook + 1 extra virgin olive oil 375ml bottle + dark balsamic vinegar 375ml bottle + 1 Field to Fork honey + 1 sea salt package… the only one extra thing you will need is to visit one of our featured farmers to get the Brussel Sprouts!

While at their store, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Olive Oils and flavour, taste some of the most unique varieties and imagine how your next meal will taste with the nice touch of an infused oil.



For all of those who missed the pre-sale or the launch events and couldn’t get a book, we want to let you know that there are still some available in the hands of some of our retail partners, you can find the last copies at the following locations:


*As a reminder, there is less than 100 copies available city-wide and we won’t do a second print run of this Limited Edition book. For more information about hours and address click here: