We're Looking for Partners!


This is a passion project, which means that no one has hired us to do it. This project is not funded by any institution, organization or group, and we haven't charged or paid any featured chefs, producers or farmers to be involved - and no one is being compensated monetarily to make this book. The Forest City Cookbook author, Alieska Robles started this project for the pure joy of turning her dream of creating a cookbook into a reality, showing her deep appreciation to London and admiration for the chefs and farmers who provide for us everyday.

That being said, we want to spread the message further. We want to put a copy of this culinary celebration into the hands of as many Londoners as possible, encouraging them to meet our local chefs and discover our surrounding farms. As a small group, we don't have the means or capital to invest dollars up front into printing a large number of copies, that's why we're kindly asking for your help! 

What Does It Mean to Become a Partner?

Becoming a Partner means pre-ordering books by volume, helping us fund our project up front and promoting London Ontario's culinary and agricultural scene even further.

To show our appreciation to our Partners, we are including their names in the acknowledgment section of the cookbook,  adding their logos to our website and announcing their support via our social media channels. 

Who Are THE Current Partners? 

A running list of Partners so far are listed below! We hope to see this list grow in the coming weeks as we approach our DEADLINE and send this beast off to print. 

A. Partner Logos in white.jpg

How Can I Become a Partner?

It's easy, just click on the Become a partner link, choose a partnership package (number of copies) and follow the checkout instructions, it is that simple!! 

If you want to pre-order a customized number of copies, multiply the number of copies by 50$ each and add the total under "other", then leave us a note upon checkout specifying how many copies you pre-ordered. 

What Can Partners Do with their Cookbook? 

"Partners" will have a unique advantage of having books at their disposal, when finding additional copies will be near impossible. There will be NO second print run.

Some ideas are:

*Selling them to recoup the funds + 50% profit 

*Give them away as gifts (to staff, loyal clients, friends, etc.) 

*Do giveaways and contests via Social Media   

*Use them as a "marketing tool" to raise the profile of your company as a local supporter 

*Give them away to dignitaries, speakers for special events your organization is involved in

*And we're sure that you can come up with many more creative ideas...  

Additional Brand Exposure Opportunity

We are also working on a belly band prototype, where "Partners" can include their logo front and centre on their pre-ordered copies of the cookbook, which will include a customized a " message". 

*Note: The band will be approximately 3 by 27 inches, full colour, and will wrap the book cover for a fun branding opportunity. These belly bands will be processed separately, once we send the book off for printing. Send us an email to forestcitycookbook@gmail.com letting us know you're interested. 

Forest City Cookbook - Marketing band

I Can't Become a Partner, How Else Can I Help? 

You can pre-order an individual book here: Get a copy.

Also, please help us spread the word. Send this information to family members or friends who might be in a place to become a partner, share on social media and talk about the project with as many people you can! 

This has been a grass-roots initiative from the start and we're all working on this together!

As we near that finish line, we hope you can give us that finial push!