Patience is a conquering virtue


We appreciate your patience with all our hearts! Throughout the project, we have tried to keep everyone in the loop by documenting our entire process and providing constant updates. At times, that has proven to be difficult, and honestly, some tasks take extra time, and even when they are essential, they aren't all that "eye-catching," for example, proofreading! It is the reason why we've been a little silence for the past few weeks. 

Specific “changes,” like adding additional chefs (close to 30 more) and pages to the book (now up over 500) were decisions made at the last minute. As we got into it, we felt the original plan didn’t give us enough space to feature the vast amount of talent we have in and around London. Granted, even at this point there are members of the culinary and agricultural community we think should probably be included... we simply couldn't keep adding!

While we’ve been working hard to ensure The Forest City Cookbook is printed without delay, the above and a few other details have extended our timeline considerably. We're happy to share that we have received our first full-colour test pages, and after some tweaking, we've requested a full black and white for content proofing, which we hope will arrive next week.

In other news, our crowd-funding campaign and the chance to pre-order individual copies closed on April 20th. We're excited to say that we pre-sold 2000 copies! Even when the pre-sale is now closed, some local businesses have come-on as "Partners" and will be selling limited copies (more information coming soon). If you work at or know of a business that may be interested in pre-ordering some books in volume, we are keeping that option open right up until the second we approve the books order. The only available extra copies after we publish will be in the hands of the partners.  Options here!

As with any project, there are challenges associated. Certainly, ours is no different... We just want to reassure everyone that we are doing our very best, this project has been a huge undertaking. We are just a small group of people passionate about food, working hard on the final editing and proofing. Confident (plus super excited!) that everyone should have their books in-hand in July.

We'd like to clarify, if you ordered a hardcover copy, it will not be delivered to your home.  We were unable to calculate shipping costs at the start of the project because we weren't sure what the final specs of the book would be at that time. We will coordinate pick-up spots to distribute the book, so stay tuned to our social media channels as we'll announce those locations when they are established.

THANK YOU for your infinite patience!