Slow Food

Slow food movement - Forest City Cookbook

Many of the restaurants involved in the Forest City Cookbook are part of the “slow food movement”. Their ingredients are locally sourced, they strive to preserve traditional and regional cuisine, encourage farming of plants, seeds and livestock of the local ecosystem. And, compared to typical restaurants, the food is more carefully prepared. As a result, the meal takes longer to come out, which prolongs the meal experience and encourages deeper conversation. I love it!

But these restaurants don’t follow the A typical rules of business.

One of my favourite sayings is: 

“You can have it quick, cheap, or awesome. Pick two.”

Slow food restaurants don’t abide by that rule. At a slow food restaurant and the majority of those to featured in our book, the motto is this:


“You can have an excellent meal. It may cost you a bit more and it will take time.”

This motto breaks the typical rules, but it works - because there’s an audience of people who believe in the value of quality time and supporting local. There are put consumers who want to be in touch with the producers of the food and wine they enjoyed, recreating the umbilical cord that was cut when supermarkets invaded the market place.

If your restaurant (or business for that matter) tells the right story, to the right audience, you don’t have to follow the typical rules!

Brian Blatnicki

Written by: Brian Blatnicki 

Photos by: Alieska Robles