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McKaskell Haindl Showroom - Forest City Cookbook

This announcement has been a long time coming, so we'll just cut to the chase:

We’re incredibly excited to announce that McKaskell Haindl, in cahoots with Cardinal Fine Cabinetry, is the Official Studio Partner for the Forest City Cookbook!!  

We searched high and low for properties/spaces over last several months, looked at a handful and tried negotiating what we needed with numerous. All of those fell through for various reasons. Frankly, we felt pretty defeated and were starting to wonder if we’d ever find a spot to do our final recipe photo shoots. Then, one of our team members randomly remembered a place he’d first seen years ago and recalled that he very quickly fell in love with it back then.

We met with Chris and Chris shortly thereafter and pretty quickly, we knew we found the space and people we wanted to partner with. Suffice to say, the “Chris’s” are exactly what we look for when partnering… A business that thinks about the future and which treats its people, its environment, its ideas, its product, its suppliers and its clients on a sustainable, human level.

Forest City Cookbook - CMcKaskell Haindl Studio

A little bit more about McKaskell and Haindl:

Chris Haindl has enjoyed a variety of work experiences growing up in the Forest City, which include: farming, road construction, catering and painting, before finding his true passion, one that combines many aspects of his previous journeys in a more creative way. Much of his work is motivated by a desire for honesty, in materials and craft, and a longing for simple, well- thought out solutions. 

The other half, Chris McKaskell spent many years building stage sets and working behind the scenes on the technical side of theatre. Not satisfied with the short-lived nature of this work, he sought a greater sense of longevity through craft. He spent many years working as a carpenter, which evolved into woodcarving, antique restoration and custom cabinet/architectural woodworking - his specialty!

Together, they are the perfect team: they are creative, problem solvers, experienced and very skilled. They don't just make furniture and cabinets, they create meaningful relationships with their customers, source the best materials, design, build, deliver, dust and install everything themselves (with the help of a small team of dedicated craftspeople). They make things that last and they make it just for you


Moving in:

We were in love... so soon after our first meeting, we got the keys to their lovely showroom on Talbot St. in Downtown London. Two days later, we began to move in all of the props and surfaces that we have been collecting since early May. A lot of prop washing, surface cleaning and shelve organizing has been happened during the course of week one, but we couldn't be happier to have everything set up and ready to start the photoshoots with our talented local chefs very soon!


Good news:

Because we have an awesome and accessible Downtown location, you're close to the action... and we want you to have a sneak peak of how this cookbook is being created. The process of taking a food photo is always evolving and we invite you to stop by and see how we're doing it! So right after lunch, at one of our great downtown restaurants, stop by, say hello - the door will be open!

And if you haven't pre-ordered your copy of the cookbook, you'll be able to, right there on site! ;) Can't get better than that! 


Photos and content by: Alieska Robles