London Developer Steps Up

In response to the Forest City Cookbook’s crowdfunding campaign, a London developer is pitching in to help.

The Tricar Group has pre-ordered 200 books that will be used to help fund the production and printing of London Ontario’s first-ever community cookbook. This donation pushes the Forest City Cookbook past its minimum goal of 1000 books pre ordered, ensuring its completion with an additional 43 days left for the campaign.

“This is a tremendous community building initiative, which we are happy to support and help its realization”, says Joe Carapella, the owner of Tricar Group. The Forest City Cookbook is well on its way to becoming the single best collection of chefs, dedicated local producers and area craft breweries our city has seen. It’s a celebration of the power of food that unites our community in a meaningful way. It shares our values, builds common ground and celebrates humanity. "This project is a great opportunity to spread the word about the incredible talent we have right here locally in our kitchens while advancing local culinary.”

The Forest City Cookbook team was in mid-production, when the volume order came in. “When I saw the amount of books - my heart must have stopped for a second - I was overcome with joy and to be honest, a few tears flowed,” explains Alieska Robles, Forest City Cookbook’s Creative Director & Photographer. “The support around our project has been great - but this is special - something that I’ll soon not forget. When you have a passion and vision for creating something that is shared by complete stranger, when they see its value and back it with significant monetary support, it’s truly inspiring - I’m so thankful.”

The Forest City Cookbook’s website states that eating is a celebration. It is a special time of the day gathered around a table with family and friends. A moment of connection with many elements, including the soil and animals that deliver us the food, the people who harvest it, the individuals who cook and prepare it and the people around us that help nurture our souls. The Forest City Cookbook wants to honour those connections and make them stronger within our community.

“Tricar’s commitment to our project and the London community as a whole, is truly remarkable,” says Forest City Cookbook’s Marketing & Communications coordinator, Brian Blatnicki. “This purchase is tremendously helpful, as it helps us surpass our minimum goal of a 1000 books pre ordered and enables our passion project to turn into a reality. But more importantly, it will help pay tribute to the chefs and producers in-and-around London, build community, encourage dining farm-to-table, ‘buy local’ shopping and agri-tourism.”