We are cooking something very special!

We have something big and amazing, open to every single person in London. It's not news that we can fall behind in the minds of our surrounding cities, we aren’t as big as Toronto and we don’t have the environmentalism of Guelph or the technology powerhouses of Waterloo. But we have something else - something that can make us stand out - and it's right here at plain sight, that is: GOOD FOOD.

If this is surprising to you, there’s probably a reason for that. It's not because we don't have the talent; we’re absolutely spilling talent. And it’s not because this talent is hiding away in forgotten kitchens. It’s because we aren’t engaging with our chefs, our dining rooms, or with our community. To make London the next best food city of Ontario, we need to let our chefs spread their wings and introduce us to the flavours and feasts that they are capable of. Some might say that London is not ready for this, but we believe in "you never know until you try".

Which is why our talented, inspiring and creative chefs agreed to come together and break all the rules. They want to bring you a dining experience like no other, teach you about the flavours of our local farmers; and create an intimate relationship between you and our city that has never been seen before.

The Forest City Table is about tradition and about change. We want to shake things up. We want people to feel proud and thankful for the extraordinary opportunities that come from our city and we want you to feel proud and engaged with our local chefs. We are going to put our name on the map to be one of the best culinary destinations in our country. This might sound too ambitious or perhaps even impossible, but we are determined to try and we are confident that we can do it with your help.  

We are only asking for one simple thing: YOUR SUPPORT! Come and join us all into this wonderful adventure, be open, be willing to try new things and allow our wonderful chefs to surprise you! There's no reason to go anywhere else, we have a lot to discover.. right here in London!

Welcome to the Forest City Table... allow yourself to explore it!


Forest City Cookbook - London Ontario chefs