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You can come say hi enjoy a nice Sunday with us. There will be music, 5$ drinks, and we'll be offering snacks. You can also get your books signed and learn more about some of the local chefs featured. We'll also have cutting boards, aprons, tote bags and T-shirts for sale, and will do a special giveaway at the end of the event! FUN!

*NOTE: Bring your ID or another document of identification with photo. We won't give books without identification. 

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 If you are far from town or the suggested dates don't work for you, we can get the books straight to your door at an extra cost. 

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If you are a partner, ordered more than 15 books or signed up for one of our special packages (Forest Experience or Forest Guardian) delivery is included for you. Just confirm your address with us. 

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If you pre-ordered an e-book (digital version of the book) we will send it to your email at the same time as the physical books are delivered. We want everyone to get it at the same time! 



This cookbook was a passion project organized by a small group of individuals that believe in the power of food! No one hired us to do this. It happened out of the desire to motivate others to reconnect with the food we eat, celebrating the local chefs, farmers and artisans that are making a difference in our local food system.  This book was successfully crowdfunded thanks to the support of 750 individuals in our community. It was a very long ride full of many ups and down, happy moments and plenty of challenges... and now it's finally time to have FUN! 

We are organizing a casual party to celebrate with the featured chefs, farmers and artisans, along with all our partners and creators involved. We'd like to extend that invitation on to our individual supporters as well! So check your email this week, as we'll be sending Eventbrite invitations privately to everyone who pre-ordered a book. Only those who pre-ordered a book will be able to get tickets. Since we have limited space we are allowing only 2 tickets per book purchased by individual supporters. The cost of the tickets is 75$ (tax included). 

Hope you can join us to meet the makers and enjoy some great food among friends. It will be a casual potluck style afternoon so you are welcome to bring something too. Live music and drinks are on us! This invitation is ONLY for supporters of this project. 

Welcome to the Forest City Table!! 


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