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For those who choose to live slow and care deeply

We celebrate human experiences, local heritage, nature and hand-made objects.


Driven by curiosity and exploration, we dig deep into the journeys of artisans who choose to take the long traditional routes and preserve our ancestors practices—those who value human connections and acknowledge that there are no shortcuts to fulfilment. Those who live a life of purpose, and whose legacies would live outside of our screens beyond today and tomorrow.

For those who choose to consume less, and always choose the human-made option and not the factory counterparts.  

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We admire those who work with their hands and find fulfilment in their craft. Those who shape one piece at a time and add a little piece of their heart to each of them.

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We are grateful for those who dedicate their lives to serve others and to provide one-on-one human interactions.

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We value family memories around the dining table and treasure grandma’s recipes that warm your soul.

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An indie print publication for offline inspiration.

Inspired by the slow food movement, we follow slow journalism practices. We don’t want to be the fastest or the first… we want to slow down, dig deep and learn from those who said “no” to mass-production.

Each issue navigates the branching stories of artisans devoted to craftsmanship and long-standing trades. Those who shape objects and experiences in the real world.

In case that a cyber apocalypse ends with the digital era, we want to leave something tangible in the world, a 1-inch deep ocean of knowledge in the form of a print publication!

Softcover / 140 Pages / 7.5” x 9.5” / 3 ISSUES PER YEAR / Lots of love*

*We donate 15% of our wholesale profits to planting trees in the Amazon Rainforest, educating children or feeding people in need.

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Digital content last SECONDS in a screen,
a great book will last years in a home and
generations in the family!

…start getting those pages stained with spaghetti sauce, fresh paint or splashes of clay!

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