A coffee table book about coffee tables, makers and their stories.

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A book to celebrate makers, the furniture pieces that we use every day and the well-travelled distances of the raw materials that allow artisans to work. A book to make us stop and appreciate the things around us and the hands that made them.

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The group of people involved in the creation of a furniture piece, from start to finish. Full-time cabinet makers and furniture builders, along with the people who supports their practice, including designers, individuals who salvage raw materials, glass blowers, carvers, metalworkers, machine operators, miners and other artisans.

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Right in the Forest City. Southwestern Ontario has a long story of makers. Since the first European settlers arrived, they brought with them a wide range of knowledge, styles and ideas for furniture-making. We can see splashes of Scottish, British, Irish and German influences in most Canadian makers.

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It’s an opportunity to tell artisans and materials stories and to preserve their legacy, to create interest and promote exploration, to celebrate local craftsmanship and capture a unique moment in time. 

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By digging into the history of furniture in the area, finding the loud voices from the past, and studying how they guided the modern makers. Visiting the shops of the featured artisans and finding out what makes them tick, how they stay passionate and where they get the inspiration from. All in a descriptive, inspiring and poetic way.

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The project will be launched in 2019 hoping to involved many collaborators and include the local community in the development process. The book is expected to be ready to publish between late 2020 and mid 2021.

There has never been as many active, full-time makers as it is today.

Around 1945 there were less than 500 part-time professional makers registered in Ontario. Those numbers fluctuated, up and down, with the two recession periods. It was between the 70-80s that a big craft revival occurred. It slowed down in the 90s and came back in the 2000s stronger than ever. We are experiencing now the lessons from all those years of up and downs, applying all the valuable knowledge acquired into timeless pieces of furniture.



We are shaping the book in the same way that a tree bears its fruit. The book will be divided in five sections that will explore every step of the process, from sourcing the raw materials to collaborating, making, locating and to enjoying. We are hoping to highlight makers but also the support team that allows them to make, which includes designers, carvers, metalworkers and other artisans.

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The book will include:

-An essay about the history of furniture in our region since European settlers came to Ontario.

-A compilation of stories from passionate local artisans of the present.

-A sneak peak of what happens behind the curtain at the makers shops.

-A celebration of craftsmanship.

-A few recipes to feast on around, in, on, under, or on top of your favourite pieces of furniture.

-Much more to be announced as the project evolves.

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Help us get it rolling by donating towards the project. It will help us cover the initial production cost and it will save your spot on the sponsors pages of the book.

We created three levels of sponsorship to better suit your needs.




We will do a big pre-sale next year for those interested in buying at wholesale price. You will be able to save your copy of the book for 20-40% off the retail price.

*Pre-sale campaign dates and terms to be announced.




We believe word of mouth is the most effective way to send a message further. Start telling all your friends, help us find sponsors and be part of the creation process.

If you want to officially join the team send us an email to:



We are starting small, it only took two people and a small idea. An idea that we are planting to nurture to help make it grow.

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We love books because they help us capture moments in time. Digital is temporary and so is the attention people pays to it. Books are forever, there is something magical about them that makes us be engaged and allows us to create a connection that will make us read them over and over again.