I treat every project as a passion project. I commit to it, do research, study the brand/project, understand the mind of the maker/author, and design strategic plans to reach my client’s objectives. I look for long-term relationships with every client I work with and my goal is always to help them grow... because if they grow, I grow!

I’m not here to just press a button or design a book “on the fly”. I’m here to create an impact through images and to send your message further. If my philosophy aligns with what you're looking for, then let’s work together!


As an all-inclusive creative studio, I can help you create your dream book from start to finish. Which can include: project management & consulting, business plan development, creative direction, production, logistics, legal copyright advice, photography, styling, design, writing, recipe testing, copyediting, indexing, behind the scenes content for social media and others.

This kind of projects are divided into blocks/sections including foreword, table of contents, preface or prologue, introduction, featured stories, recipes, acknowledgements, index, charts, cover and endsheets, etc. If done continuously, a regular sized book with approximately 80-100 sections will take an average of 10-12 months to develop (depending on the project) plus another 2-3 months for printing and distribution.

We can schedule a meeting to discuss further details and hear more about the legacy you want to preserve with the book.



Commercial photography is used to promote brands. These type of images are used for packaging, websites, printed material, advertising campaigns, billboards or similar, with the intention of selling a product/service. The pricing is usually broken down into 4 sections and it can take between 2-8 hours to craft the perfect image. The process includes: brand research, pre-production, image design, photoshoot, post-production, licensing. These images are planned and carefully designed for a specific purpose, they're not improvised shots.

Editorial images are meant to be part of publications. They’re used to promote ideas, teach, inform and share stories, not to sell. Editorial photography is often part of bigger projects like books, newspapers, magazines or similar. It is also divided into 4 sections, like commercial images, but as the projects tend to be bigger in scope and often times not made for profit, they usually get a volume discount.



Taking creative risks is what brings projects to life. The creative fee is based on the shoot length, project deadline and image complexity. For example, a juice bottle on a white background would be easier and faster than an exploding beer in a bar setup, which requires additional time and planning, and so, higher fees. Same happens if the photo will be taken with natural light or artificial lighting, in a studio set-up or on location, with simple scenes or plenty of props to tell a story.

PRICING: Most of the times the base fee is between $90-$225 per image + others expenses if applied.

NOTE: I don't send RAW files. Don't ask for them.



The license will be the rights granted to you for using the images taken. It will be affected by the time, length of exposure and region. For local, small business, I usually include a non-exclusive/limited usage that is good for web, social media and mail subscriptions (standard license). Printing will have an extra fee depending on the number of copies and purpose, larger companies can expect an industry-standard fee as their images will reach larger audiences often outside their immediate region that requires unlimited use (extended license).

PRICING: The standard license is included in the base price. The extended license for printing can go between 25-100+% depending on the estimated reach, time of use, location and other aspects.



Expenses are unique to every shoot and may include but are not exclusive to gear rental or location fees, supplies, props stylist, food stylist, food supplies, travel, assistants, props, etc. Urgent deadlines also come with extra fees. 

PRICING: Every project is different and so, is every quote, this is where everything changes, but you can set the limits depending on what you'd like to achieve with your photos.



Basic retouching (colour correction, exposure correction, background crop) is usually included as part of the creative fee, but occasionally some images require additional work in post-production to get the final stunning result. Because this phase is highly variable and can be just as time-intensive as the shoot itself, it is usually billed hourly in addition to the shot cost.

HOURLY RATE (after 1 hour editing): $45 per hour.



Social media content is more volatile. Images posted on Social Media platforms have a shorter lifespan than commercial images used on websites, billboards, printed media, promotional material, packaging and large advertising campaigns. These images are not produced or staged, they are usually taken "as is" and don't include complex productions (same for event photography). For this reason, the rates are different than for commercial work, but come with limitations of time and use. Social media and event images can't be reposted for more than 1 year or used as commercial or editorial images for advertising. They are meant to be used ONLY on social media platforms and tied to time and platform limitations. Currently, I am mostly taking Social Media work as part of bigger commercial or editorial projects, not as individual one-time requests (with some exceptions for food industry events).

PRICING: $225 - $315 per hour. Consider that one hour of shooting time, equals an average of 5 hours of real time when including research, transportation to location, set-up, photoshoot, selection, post-production and formatting. Deliverables: 10-15 x 72 dpi images per hour shooting.

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*A signed agreement/contract and non-refundable 30% deposit are required before the start of any project. The project balance must be paid in full before final delivery of the files and any usage rights transfer is complete.