There are a few guidelines for keeping the book organized:

1. Choose one "star" main ingredient for each of your recipes on the form below. It is for pairing your recipes with our farmers. It works as first-come, first-served, so save your ingredient quickly. Those who leave it to the last minute will have to work with the ingredients left.

2. Choose your recipe ratio:  1 small + 2 mains / 2 smalls + 1 main / 1 small + 1 main + 1 dessert / 3 desserts 

3. Choose your preferred dietary choice: We need 60 Traditional + 30 Vegetarian + 30 Vegan (Also first come-first served)  

4. Include a short description of your initial ideas. You can modify, test and tweak the recipes until July 31st. Break all the rules, go beyond the limits, be bold and adventurous with your recipes! There will be 3 difficulty levels in the book so don't worry about using complicated techniques, everything is allowed! 

NOTES: Choosing one ingredient as "star ingredient" doesn't mean you can't use the others, only that your recipe will go right after the producer that makes it and that it is what makes the recipe "special".  Each chef can only choose 1 animal ingredient for guaranteeing we will have enough vegetables recipes too. 


•White wine braised beets with foie grass, lingonberry and hibiscus flowers --> Star ingredient: BEETS. 

•Trout ravioli with zucchini mint puree --> Star ingredient:  TROUT

•Wild mushroom and blue cheese stuffed artichokes ---> Star Ingredient: WILD MUSHROOM

•Corn bread with roasted peaches and maple cream --> Star ingredient: MAPLE




3 recipes each (30+1): 

Andrew Wolwowicz -2

Alex Martin

Katherine Jones

Aaron Cowell

Angela Murphy

Carla Cooper

Chad Stewart

Cliff Briden

Dacha Markovikc

Dan Riggin

Dave Lamers

Dave Ripley

Jill Wilcox

Josh Sawyer

Justin Wolfe

John Pacheco

Kristian Crossen

Kim Sutherland - 3

Kyle Rose - 3

Matt Reijnen

Michael Anglestad

Michele Lenhardt

Mike Smith

Paul Harding

Ricardo Cavaco

Scott Wesseling

Simon Briggs

Stefan Pellman

Thomas Waite

Tim Drew

Wade Fitzgerald

Yoda Olinyk


1 recipe each :

David Chapman

David Coulter

Elvis Drenan

Luke Gauvin

Rick Hunt

Tabitha Switzer

Vijay Naraine

Wayne de Groot

Zoran Sehovac



Patrick Durham

David Cook

Joel McMillan

Jamie Griffith



Fanshawe Student

Training Centre Student

Growing Chefs - Alaura