Perfectly-Imperfect Hardcover copy (4-6 folded pages inside)

Perfectly-Imperfect Hardcover copy (4-6 folded pages inside)

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504-page hardcover cookbook that features 138 original recipes developed by 60 local chefs. The book includes 40 farmers’ and artisans’ stories, an essay on the culinary evolution of our city, a seasons chart, a full culinary glossary and tips on how to get more efficient in the kitchen. It is a tribute to London that provides the opportunity to discover our local flavours by the hand of our local culinary talent.

The book was developed over the course of 20 months and it was entirely crowdfunded. The recipes are divided in three difficulty levels and three different lifestyles that include: easy, intermediate, advanced, traditional, vegetarian and vegan. Offering a wide range of options for small plates, mains, desserts, snacks and drinks.

Made with love from farm to table to page by Alieska Robles.

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The books have some folded pages on the inside, between 4-6 pages. Some are on the front pages and some on the back index.