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We are a creative couple from Venezuela with endless enthusiasm for craftsmanship, notebook scribbles, outdoor getaways and running shoes.

We were born and raised in the analog age, our career paths took us into the digital world, and now we want to combine the two and celebrate those who, like us, want to live somewhere in between—acknowledging the digital technology’s advantages but dedicated to preserve traditional crafts that exist outside of screens.

We make books because they invite you to “take time off” and get fully immersed in the present moment. You can’t multitask while reading.

Being 100% honest, we enjoy the offline world! Nothing beats crafting things with your hands, getting lost in nature, hugging people (and trees), enjoying a freshly-brewed cup of coffee or being hooked on an inspiring read. We want to provide that for us, and for you, too!



Book worm + Visual Storyteller + Writer in progress



Sound designer by day + Sales force and coffee roaster by night



The digital world is overflowing with information and there’s not enough time to go through it all. Theoretical knowledge is at our fingertips but we are longing for human connections and real-life experiences. Our society is so focused on “catching up” with the ones and zeros on our screens that we’re taking the real world for granted.


We, personally, want to take the time to meet the faces that shape the world around us. Take a peek into how things are made and learn how to make them, celebrate the makers’ that value craftsmanship and tradition, and know about the challenges they have to overcome to succeed in the consumerism era—we want to stop starring at screens and start listening to the world’s heartbeat first hand.


For centuries, books were the only way to preserve history, and even when digital technology keeps moving in the opposite direction, books will always have a place in people’s hearts and homes. We want to place human stories at the top of people’s thoughts, on their coffee tables, kitchen bookshelves and nightstands. We want to make our world move slower once again.

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PreservING legacIES.

scrolling less and doing more.


Let’s collaborate, share bread, go for a hike or talk about crafts

*If you’re a full-time maker want to share your story, send us a line (or many) to


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