Creating a business identity is one of the most difficult things when starting a new venture. You want something that would survive the passing of time, that is meaningful to you and clearly represent what you do. It should be familiar and easy remember. Personal yet professional. Elegant and also playful. That is who I am, I take quality very seriously but also try to have fun while creating. Opposites are often attracted, and combining the best of both spectrums is how I hope to live and work.

Arts and Oaks Logo - Indie book publishing - Branding - Photography - Vegan marketing_vv.png


Arts + Oaks came from a place of admiration and love. There’s Art behind every craft. If you take a closer look, you will find a creative mind behind every product, recipe, home, project, image, speech, and single detail of our lives. I am determined to use as many art forms as possible to share the stories behind inspiring brands.

Oaks translate into Spanish as “Robles”—my last name. I wanted to include something in honour to my dad, as he was one of my biggest creative inspirations and role model. The Oaks also play homage to nature, a big part of my life and where I feel most alive—we owe everything to Mother Earth! If we dig deeper, the word Oaks reminds me of all the trees that were sacrificed for creating new books. Speaking of which, I am committed to use recycled paper as much as possible and biodegradable inks in our books. We also plant a tree for every book sold through the program onetreeplanted.

Oaks are strong, resilient, enduring, tall, deeply rooted, lush and vibrant. As a creative studio, we want to hold the same characteristics within our industry; offering freshness and colour, building relationships based on trust, and providing a sense of protection, unconditional love and support to all the brands we work with.


The logo reflects the balance between digital content and print media. Also, the connection between the urban life and nature. The chestnut is at the heart of every book, a piece of my heart is there too. The bookmark speaks about special moments we want to “mark” or the point where left off the story so we can go back to it whenever we want. It’s about being present while paying a tribute to the past and getting excited about the next chapter.

Together, they’re a reminder of the natural cycles of life. Pages come from trees, they’re transformed into memorable pieces of history and eventually they’ll come back to the soil to feed tree roots—starting the cycle all over again. The present, past and future working in full harmony through visual content.

Why the plus sign? I come from a divided country and it is my mission to foster unity everywhere I go. In a society where everyone is competing for attention, pushing others apart and fighting against each other, we don’t want to create more division, we want to build community, encourage partnerships and provide a place for collaboration instead of competition. We want to add value and we want people to feel at home around us.